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Chapter 58: Time and Time Again. 


"As Time passes, 

we come to a realization. 

We are all aging. 

Seconds turn to Minutes, 

Minutes into hour. 

Hours into Days to Weeks to Months to Years. 

And just like this. 

We all fade out, 





It was over a few weeks since the Nikah of Yahyah and Nahal and almost the same amount of time that had passed since The Zaeef's returned back to their respective homes. Yahyah was back to work and so was Yazdan. The girls however, were another story.

Aanabia had an interview with Sawarah Public School for the position of English Literature teacher a few days ago and was currently waiting for a reply. She knew she answered their questions all too perfectly but her anxiety still remained.

"You will do great darling, calm down." Nahal told her, when she saw her sister chewing onto the edges of her fingers nervously. Nahal slapped her hands with a glare (which was returned by Aanabia) before turning to her task at hand.

Aanabia frowned at her sister.

"Do you have to leave?" she asked her and Nahal nodded, folding the piece of clothing in her hand neatly. But why? She could just not go, right?

"And is Yahyah okay with it?" Nahal stilled at her question. Aanabia let out a small smile. He is not.

"We talked it out" Nahal told her, resuming her task. Aanabia eyed her wearily.

"Of course you did. What did you two talk about?"


"Everything! We talked it out and I am okay with it all" Yahyah told Yazdan for the nth time. Yazdan rubbed his forehead, leaning back onto the black office chair of his and looking at his best friend wearily. He is not okay but at least he is trying.

Yahyah took a seat at the chair in front of Yazdan's large wooden mahogany desk (which was littered with papers; mostly sketches, along with pencils, rubbers and rulers of all kind).

"She has a dream, Yaza. I cannot take that away. I promised her that" he muttered dejectedly. Yazdan smiled at him. One side, he did not wish her to leave him alone and the second side, he did not wish to crush her dreams. This is what love meant, he guessed.

"You will cope up, Yahyah. You knew this would happen and you talked to her about it. You knew her career is very important to her and yours is too. So go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason" he explained, hoping that his best friend would listen and stop stressing. Yahyah paused for a moment and leaned onto his chair. It's making sense? No?

"You are right I guess. It's just that........" Yahyah started and stared out of the window of Zaeef Architecture. Inc. "I am insecure I guess. I just got her, I cannot afford to lose her again"

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