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Chapter 29: Roses are red. 


"Her heart ached, 

She didn't know why. 

Would she find her answers,

In a maze without a light?"



Iftari rolled by and Aanabia was anxious. She walked into the small kitchen of the mosque to help out in Iftari setup.

"Aanabia! Thank god you are here" she smiled at Ayisha who was grinning at her.

"Salaam to you too" she said and Ayisha replied, with a smile before shoving two dishes in her hands.

"Place two of each on each plate, please" she said and Aanabia nodded. I love this girl. She walked over to where numerous plates were set out and started placing two of each on the plates. It is Ramadhan, Aanabia. Every good deed is multiplied by 70 so you got this!

Iftari at the mosque went somewhat like this. The Islamic society members would come early and space out the plates and cups, make juice and when dishes begin arriving from homes, they would dish them out before setting them on the large table up front. There, the people coming inside would pick a plate each and settle down for Iftari.

"Ayisha!" Aanabia placed the dish down and turned to face Laham. She remembered him as the Egyptian.

"Ah salaam. Ayisha is outside" Aanabia replied, pointing towards the doors. Laham nodded before smiling gratefully and walking away. She sighed and turned back to work. There were a few more plates to be filled. I wonder where Nahal is? She said she would be here soon.

"Aanabia?" she turned around so fast that a few fried pakora's that she was dishing out, flew out of the dish in her hands. Yazdan's eyes widened as he reached out to catch them. She stared at him scramble around for the Pakora's before letting out a small laugh. Good reflexes. But he couldn't catch me when I fell. Wow.

"It is alright" she told him before turning to her work at hand. Her heart raced like a maniac and she knew she was blushing.

"I uh.......came to..... say?" she turned to Yazdan who stood there muttering. Cute. Adorably cute. She raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed. She looked at him, like really looked at him. He was wearing a white thobe with jeans and his hair was in a bun. Oh Allah. There goes my heart, dying. In love. She rolled her eyes at her dramatic thoughts, with a fresh coat of blush on her cheeks. In Love.

"What is it?" she asked him and he shrugged cutely. Why is everything he doing, cute?

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing" with that he walked away.

Zamaairah let out a chuckle when she saw a confused Aanabia staring after Yazdan. Upon her chuckle, Aanabia turned to her, who held her hands up.

"I was here the whole time" she admitted and Aanabia's eyes widened. Zamaairah let out a small laugh again. "And I won't tell anyone about your encounter with him"

"Thank you"

"You know..... I know him since we were kids. He came here to tell you something but decided against it and walked away" Zamaairah told her. Aanabia raised an eyebrow at her. Am I supposed to be jealous or angry or relieved that she knows such a thing?

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