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Chapter 34: Broken and Beautiful. 


"Time heals all wounds, 

Unless they are deep. 

Time doesn't heal deep wounds, 

It only teaches us

To live with it."



"I am adopted" Aanabia stared at Yazdan before letting out a sigh.

"Now I am thinking you are hell bent on making me not like you. But let me tell you Mr. Yazdan Ras- I mean Mr. Yazdan Zaeef. That is not happening" Aanabia glared at him and he let out a small smile. I am glad you are not giving up on me.

"My mom and dad adopted me when my parents died in a car crash" he spoke and Aanabia frowned at him.

"My biological parents are Hafsah Zaeef and Asfandyal Ali, my dad and my biological mother were siblings." He paused and gauged her expression. Give me some response, Aanabia. He watched her raise an eyebrow before heaving a sigh. 

"Well, don't leave me stranded." she muttered and he gave her a small smile. Find a woman who communicates with you without words, huh. Guess I just found myself one. 

"I had a little sister, a year old. Yasharah. We were headed to my dad's work, at Gold Coast when we met an accident. I don't remember anything about it, save for a few nightmares here and there, nor do I remember anything before it. I know my parents and sister because mom and dad told me about it when I was 7. I lost them when I was 3 years old. My dad thought this was the best way since my biological father's families were not in the capacity to afford for me. So mom and dad took me in and I guess they became everything for me. I don't remember my biological parents much but I am blessed with amazing parents and I am glad for them. I have amazing siblings and they refuse to believe I am adopted though" he laughed at the latter bit. It hurt him to speak about but not so much because he barely remembered it. It was over 20 years now and he was glad he was over that phase. He smiled when he saw Aanabia staring at him with wide eyes. It is not really a big deal anyway. I think. 

"What?" he asked her and she heaved a sigh.

"Thank god it is that" He frowned. Why is she thanking god that I am adopted?


"No. No. I am not thanking god that you are adopted. Maybe I am because that made us meet. But anyway, I am thanking god that its not some terminal illness or some ish" she muttered and Yazdan stared at her before bursting out in laughter. Terminal illness? Doesn't I am adopted fact, hinder her?

"Yazdan!" she whined and Yazdan sobered up, before letting out a small cough.

"You thought I had terminal illness?" She shrugged and Yazdan chuckled again.

"Anyway, what are your thoughts on me now?" he asked her and watched her turned a shade of pink. He smiled. She then looked up and shrugged at him.

"It doesn't matter I guess. I mean I lov- like you" Love me? "And not your past or your family. I mean I don't know them yet and when I do, I would love them like you do" Yazdan smiled at her little mutterings. She is nervous. 

"Safwah and Sahl are my little twin brothers, by the way" he told her and she shrugged. He let out a small laugh. "I seriously thought you would know"

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