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Chapter 50: Amendments. 


"When we fall, 

We get hurt. 

We learn. 

We understand. 

We sympathize. 

We grow"



"Why are you so quiet?" Nahal looked up from her slice of pizza to see Yahyah raising an eyebrow at her. She heaved a deep sigh and took a bite off the pizza. What do I tell you now? Period? Missing my sister? Contemplating what we are?

"Nothing" she muttered, dipping another piece of pizza in the hot and spicy sauce. Yahyah eyed her with a confused expression. The two were having lunch at Pizza Hut, before they rushed back to work. This had been their tradition lately, to have lunch together and simply talk. It felt easier for them to communicate outside of work. It had been a few days since Yazdan and Aanabia's return to Australia and Nahal was already missing her sister. 

Yahyah placed the fork and knife on the place and looked at Nahal with a scrutinizing glare.

"Tell me" Nahal wanted to stab him with the knife she was using. Leave me alone. Argh Periods.

"Nothing. I just miss Aapa" she muttered and Yahyah let out a small smile, picking up his fork and knife.

"I have a solution to it though" he told her, cutting a piece of his slice of pizza. Nahal eyed him wearily. Something weird, I swear. I don't get why I fell in love with him in the first place.

"Which is?"

"Marry me"

Nahal was stunned to silence. She did not have the capacity to speak. What? Is he serious?

"What- are you serious?" she nothing but spluttered at him and he nodded at her with a small smile.

"I am serious, Nahal. Marry me. I literally live next to Yazdan" he told her and she frowned at him. This is not how one proposes.

"Are you seriously proposing that right now? While we eat pizza?" she questioned him incredulously. Yahyah nodded at her, chewing slowly. He is losing it. The few brain cells he had have all committed suicide from his over-thinking.

"No Nahal. My brain cells have not committed suicide. I am damn serious" he told her, rolling his eyes and she frowned at him.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" she questioned him and suddenly, he felt really close. Maybe because he was. He leaned towards her, until there was about an inch or so space between their faces.

"I know you" he whispered before sitting back down and grinning wolfishly at her. She, on the other hand, was good as having a heart attack. Her heart was on a marathon and her blood vessels were dilated, making her red all over. Yahyah let out a small laugh when he saw how red she was. She frowned at him, before taking a bite of the pizza.

"Calm down. But my offer still stands. You have to fly to Adelaide for the duo's wedding anyway, so why not stay over at mine?" he grinned at her at the end of the sentence and she rolled her eyes.

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