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Chapter 37: Family.


"An older sibling

knows best, 

does what's best, 

looks out for you,

baby's you. 

They are the parents 

we weren't born to"

-2am/ To All The Older Siblings-


Kayan was astonished by the time Yazdan finished his story. Yazdan looked at his brother and awaited any kind of response. When he didn't get it, he began panicking. Oh Allah. This is bad.

"Please don't hate me on this" Kayan snapped out of his reverie and stared at his younger brother. He let out a small laugh and patted his head.

"When did you grow old enough to not tell me things?" Yazdan let out a small smile. I did not know how. 

"I wanted to tell you but I was not sure how"

"Next time, tell me everything"

"You didn't meet her?" questioned Yazdan and Kayan shook his head. I thought she met them?

"No. I met Nahal" Ah.

"Yahyah did not get Alpha male on you?" Yazdan questioned him with a laugh and Kayan frowned. 

"Why'd he do that?"

"He did that with Safwah. Legit told the dude that there was a comic store just to get him away from Nahal" Kayan's eyes widened before he let out a series of laughter.

"So he likes Nahal?" Loves.

"He loves her. She loves him. I don't get why they just cannot get married. They bicker like a married couple anyway" Yazdan shrugged and Kayan hit his head causing him to wince.

"Stop worrying about him getting married, you have to work on telling everyone about her" Kayan explained and Yazdan groaned.

"Help me brother!"

"Lets call a Zaeef Sibling meeting and see what they have to say"

"Do we need to?" They are going to flip.

"Of course. Now Karmaan can help since he is over 21. Or so I think. But anyway"

"Great. When do we call one?"

"Skype Conference call it is"

The two boys set on the bench and stared ahead. The soft breeze of the park cooled them down and soon, it was Asr. The two walked back towards Kayan's condo, before they stood up for their prayers.


Amyrah stood in the kitchen, staring into space. She has been spacing out for a while now. Qaidah watched her from the living room and glanced at her mother-in-law. Grandmother Zaeef seemed to be seeing the same thing.

"Go talk to her" she urged Qaidah who nodded at her before getting up and padding to the kitchen. Amyrah snapped out of her trance when she saw her mother-in-law walk into the kitchen. She threw a smile towards her.

"Mumma, I told you to relax! Why are you in the kitchen?" Qaidah smiled at her daughter-in-law. She knew Amyrah was a great woman and she proved to be exactly that and much more by standing at their family's side, at any given time.

"I thought I would help. I am bored anyway. What are you making for Iftaari?" she questioned, looking around the kitchen.

"Anything you want mumma. So tell me" she grinned and Qaidah smiled at her before patting her head. Amyrah let out a small laugh when she did that. Motherly affection.

"Then......... Let's fry a few things and that should be it" she said and Amyrah nodded, heading over to the huge gray fridge that stood in her kitchen. The fridge was littered with magnets and drawing that the kids happened to draw and stick. She opened it and pulled out a few packets from it before shutting it. She placed the packets of frozen items in the sink and turned around to see her mother smiling at her.

"What is it, mumma?" she asked and Qaidah let out a small sigh.

"What is bothering you, Amyrah?"Amyrah let out a small laugh. Her mother-in-law knew her really well.

"Yazdan, mum" she said, before sighing and taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools. Qaidah took a seat beside her.

"What about him?"

"He is reserved mom. Do you think he would just agree to meet any girl for a marriage proposal?" Qaidah regarded her question with a small smile.

"At this point, I hoped that he would find one for himself much like Kayan did. Honestly. I mean I would not force my children to marry people they do not want but on the contrary, I am scared too. Scared that if I leave them be, what if they find someone not fitting for this family? You adapted well, Myrah. What if some other girl cannot? I am not ready to see my children separate this easily" explained Qaidah and Amyrah let out a small smile. Then, we just need to find someone complementing Yazdan perfectly. If they can get along, it would be luck for us. Amyrah placed her hands over her mothers with a smile.

"Rest assured mom. We will do our best. Allah made us in pairs, don't worry. He would find his soon"

Little did they know, he already found his.


Yazdan set down at the dining table, between his nephews. The 2 year old Kashaf glared at his 7 month old brother, Kavyaan, while bending in front of Yazdan. Yazdan frowned at this and turned to Kashaf.

"What is it?" Kashaf frowned more before looking down at the table of his. The two siblings were seated on baby chairs around the table, as they waited (along with their family) for Iftari. Yazdan smiled at him. He leaned over to Kashaf.

"You know if you tell me, I will give you strawberry" he whispered and at the sound of the word Strawberry, Kashaf turned his head to his uncle.

"Chachu, he ripped my book apart. The book that I got a month ago. It was about elephants and he ripped it apart!" Kashaf whispered back, his eyes glistening with tears. Yazdan wanted to laugh. His siblings used to fight over toys, his nephews are fighting over books. At least it is better than fighting over phones and girls.

"It's alright. We can buy another one. He is a baby, Kash. I am sure he didn't mean it."

"He keeps laughing at me"

"That is because he thinks you are playing with him. Tell him nicely to not do it again and he will listen. You are a good older brother, Kash."


"You two stop whispering, it is time" reprimanded Amyrah and Kash nodded sheepishly and Yazdan smiled sheepishly. Kayan stared at the two of them. They looked so much alike. The family said their dua's before breaking their fast. Magrib followed before everyone retired to do their own chores.

Kayan dragged Yazdan to his study, calling out to Amyrah to not disturb them for they had important business to discuss. That was when the Zaeef siblings had a conference call.


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