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Love Letters and Literature  by MissMaven
Love Letters and Literature by Haley Adene
Sophia Lane is the queen of oversized sweaters and perfectly brewed cups of coffee. She's beautiful and delicate and so painfully misunderstood, but her innocent stare h...
  • completed
  • lies
  • sexy
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Raw. by jealousie
#2 vinnie
This whole thing is going to be a mess so dont expect much
  • messy
  • poetry
  • personal
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And in the end. by JoanHeather
And in the JoanHeather
This is a collection of work from my degree in creative writing. This work consists of two of my first year papers. Most of the works are response pieces to what i have...
  • postcolonial
  • identity
  • newzealand
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Young Goodman Brown by mizizuzu
Young Goodman Brownby mizi zulu
American English Literature Pieces for College. Going to leave it here in WATTPAD so my other classmates can find it easily.
  • young
  • goodnamn
  • english
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Oh, the Places you Won't Have To Go! by KimnBow
Oh, the Places you Won't Have To KimnBow
An antisocial spin off of Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go!
  • seuss
  • literature
  • childrens
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What I Lacked was Something by Xylospring
What I Lacked was Somethingby Malicious Siren
Marian's life was uneventful as a whole, between his boring days of school work, to being surrounded by people he hardly knew or even talked to at all that considered hi...
  • gothic
  • spiritual
  • misery
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Tulala by ATwistinStory
Tulalaby B
Libro ng mga Tula Goal is to impart different emotions or feelings of a person in love, depressed, happy, or, sad (et al) through her works. (
  • tagalog
  • filipino
  • libro
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Poems and other random literature things by FandomTRASH1245
Poems and other random Slightly Obsessive Potato
some short stories and poems I write, either for projects or just for fun. Enjoy!
  • literature
  • poem
  • shortstory
The Little Things by masculinemendes
The Little Thingsby masculinemendes
"Collect Moments not things." The littlest things in life can give us the greatest amount happiness or sadness.
  • moments
  • lifehacks
  • happiness
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An Historical Mystery by gutenberg
An Historical Mysteryby gutenberg
  • mystery
  • honoré
  • gutenberg
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Kunoichi Critics by KunoichiUniverse
Kunoichi Criticsby Kunoichi Universe
Oh god. Oh god. OH GOD. -- What's that? You're wanting to professionalize your writing? What's that? You're feeling the need for some writing advice? What's that? You're...
  • literature
  • kunoichi
  • critics
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MENTES INQUIETAS by virgirodriguez24
MENTES INQUIETASby Virginia Rodriguez Mejia
Mi nombre es Virginia Rodriguez Mejia, tengo 23 años, oriunda y nacida en Cotuí, Provincia Sánchez Ramírez. Este es mi cuarto libro, incluyendo los primeros ''desnúdame...
  • ternura
  • adolescentes
  • literatura
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Essays by gutenberg
Essaysby gutenberg
  • english
  • essays
  • literature
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Doki doki literature club. Roleplay by CoreyBiggin
Doki doki literature club. Roleplayby Corey The Shade
Individual rp. Experience the innocent love story of doki doki literature club. Don't worry everything is fine. Monika said so...
  • rp
  • dokidoki
  • roleplay
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Story Ideas by ConnoisseurCat
Story Ideasby ConnoisseurCat
Another one of those Idea Encyclopedias crap ©2014 ConnoisseurCat All Rights Reserved
  • clueless
  • romance
  • love
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The Book of Love: An Anthology of Love Poems by meganyoon
The Book of Love: An Anthology Jinju
A lush anthology filled with decadent love poems.
  • poetry
  • anthology
  • poems
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Quotes and poetry  by Chofa88
Quotes and poetry by Chofa88
Life is the art of dying. - A T T I C U S -
  • literatura
  • poetry
  • frases
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A Heart Of A Warrior: Reasons I Like You by Top_Dog_RPG
A Heart Of A Warrior: Reasons I Deadly_Foul_Player(Owner Of R...
Jayfeather: *stats in eternal darkness* A she - cat so much like him pads up to him, "why you like that?" Jayfeather snaps, "why does it matter?" &qu...
  • cats
  • literature
  • warriors
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  • fanfiction
  • amor
  • literatura
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