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Stylist (book 1) - H.S by fuxkingharrry
Stylist (book 1) - H.Sby fuxkingharrry
EDITING RIGHT NOW! Eileen Mae Montgomery, better known as El has been working for the Gucci special designs team for two years now. It's her dream job, but theres one th...
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hands (professor lupin)✔️ by flickeringinthedark
hands (professor lupin)✔️by soft
1993. Hogwarts Castle. Lennie, an A+ student from some low-end wizarding college is sent to Hogwarts as an exchange. She doesn't want to go. Maybe because she's the kind...
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It's Complicated... - H.S by fuxkingharrry
It's Complicated... - H.Sby fuxkingharrry
*Story contains mature and explicit content* TW: There is assault, and harassment in this story! Marigold Styan has been best friends with Harry Styles since before she...
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The Wonderful and Miraculous Clara Thomas. by boloves
The Wonderful and Miraculous boloves
The La Salle family inheritance is bloody. It's a disposition of bad luck and clairvoyance. It's broken the strongest, and ravaged the gentlest of souls. Clara Thomas, a...
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Escape  by katiepepsxx
Escape by katiepepsxx
"For the voice that torments me is the one that belongs to me"
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The Bodyguard  by blxckbxxk
The Bodyguard by blxckbxxk
"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would com...
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Dear Me by bluebrynth
Dear Meby bluebrynth
journeying through poems
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Storms In My Head by shawteeee
Storms In My Headby dan
just a collection of thoughts I wanted to say but didn't
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Advice by lxttlewolfxe
Adviceby Serendipity
just some advice that really helped me feel confident. Hope it helps someone.😚😊
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Between us [Yuri x Natsuki!] by YuriPheles
Between us [Yuri x Natsuki!]by Yuri Pheles
This is my first story so don't kill me if there is bad grammar! And I hope you enjoy. ALSO! These characters and photos don't belong to me! obviously...
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9:50  by shawteeee
9:50 by dan
to you, who broke my heart.
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Back to the Clubroom {Monika X Reader} by SDeoNite
Back to the Clubroom {Monika X Shiro Mizurein
Book 2- A new club, a new beginning! Continue our lives in high school as we expand this club, facing very normal teenager things! This is reality, (Y/N). It's exactly h...
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The Blueprint of His Heart. by scopian_16
The Blueprint of His 🌼Aalihha.
| ZAEEF SIBLING BOOK II | "You have a beautiful laugh" she said. "Whatever do you mean?" "When you laugh, it reminds of me of poetry" &qu...
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Watermelon Punch  by boloves
Watermelon Punch by boloves
Georgia Ali has only has one thing on her mind - dating Shay Donovan. But Ellery Marsh and Shay's girlfriend Cece stand in the way of that. MATURE CONTENT | TRIGGER W...
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Snapshot [one direction] by rosessjess
Snapshot [one direction]by jess
in which a nineteen year old year old videographer is hired for a boyband's reunion tour "I thought you were getting back together with h-" "Shh" he...
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Harry Styles Imagines.  by Mary_hazzle
Harry Styles Imagines. by Maryam
Collection of Harry Styles tales/Imagines. P.S: I did write some of them but some of the imagines are not mine. Enjoy :)
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The Mix Up || H.S by harryissmiley
The Mix Up || H.Sby Henny
All Rikki wanted to do was grab her suitcase from baggage claim, get a cab, grab some tea and go home to see her family. Little did she know that one suitcase could lead...
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Words that Heal by Meadowcre
Words that Healby M
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The Butterflies Have Gone | ✔️ by teptepcg
The Butterflies Have Gone | ✔️by tippa
I am an artist and this is my garden of words. Copyright @2015, All Rights Reserved
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EMOTION(less) by hxuseofcards
EMOTION(less)by Venus
I sometimes feel too much and other times feel nothing at all. I'm either full of volcanoes or numbness, there's nothing in between.
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