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Chapter 19: Avoiding the CEO.


"Oh if you'd only know 

how much my heart 


your presence 

during this 

cold winter time"



Monday rolled in and the week started with whines and groans of coming too soon. Aanabia felt like she needed a change. She didn't know what change, yet. But change. So she decided to pray Fajr, the Morning Prayer she often missed, that morning. And much to her surprise, her day had started of well. She was advised by Ruqayyah to pray. Because according to the said woman, you do not wish for anything bad enough unless you are willing to pray in the middle of the night for it. Aanabia felt it somewhat was true. If Allah could change destinies by dua, then why not?

She got dressed for school, in a skirt and top with a dupatta over her head, covering her hair. She took her gladiators and walked downstairs for breakfast. She realized her mother was in the kitchen, making pancakes.

"Salaam, ma" Hifzah was surprised. Her daughter never says salaam in the mornings. That was new. She let out a smile and turned her head to Aanabia.

"Was salaam. Breakfast?" she asked her and Aanabia nodded. The rain is still going on and on. Nice. But why am I happy? Hmmm. Maybe it was the cartoon I watched before sleeping?

"Where is Nahal?" Aanabia asked and her mother shrugged.

"Work" Aanabia frowned. It was barely 7am

"Something about an important project" replied Hifzah and her daughter nodded, taking the plates to the table.

"She had breakfast?"



Nahal stared at the blank screen in front of her. She basically had nothing to do at the moment.

Why am I early to work again? Oh right. I am trying to avoid a certain CEO.

Also my sister. There is seriously something wrong with that woman.

"Good morning, Miss. Sadaf. Pleasant surprise seeing you here" she closed her eyes and prayed to Allah that she was hearing things. But of course, she wasn't. Umm, in case you forgot, Mr. CEO, but I kinda work here. Smh. 

"Good morning, Mr. Rashad" she replied, turning to face him with a forced smile.

"You are early today" It was a statement and Nahal knew it. She eyed him with suspicion. Why is he early?

"Yes. I had some pending work to finish" she replied and he nodded with a smile.

"Did you have breakfast?" his question was caught her off guard. She peered at him from under her eyelashes and let out a small shrug.

"Yeah. You?" she asked him and he shook his head. He gave her a small smile and walked away, probably towards his cabin. Nahal set there with her head on her hands. Should I order him breakfast? Or not? I mean he was nice to me with the shirt thing...... which reminds me, I still have it. She unconsciously smiled.

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