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Chapter 13: Chop Chop.


"Oh Allah

Please do not attach my heart

to someone 

or something 

that is not meant 

to be 




Aanabia stared at Yazdan yell Mine at Yahyah. She let out a smile when she saw he was protective of the donut. The same ones she bought for him. She had realized his love for them when they met at the café, so the day before when she saw them; she bought it for him. she took in his over all appearence and smirked lightly. 

Dayyam. The guy manages to look good in hoodies and sweats. How?! 

"Ah I see they are fighting over food again" she turned to Zaiha with a small smile.

"As salaam alaikum, Aunty" she said and Zaiha smiled at her.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam, sweetie. How are you?" she asked her, pulling her towards the kitchen.

"Alhamdulillah good. How are you?"

"Ah. Would be better if these two-" Zaiha stood in front of the two tall boys. "Would let me stay calm" she watched Zaiha smile at them sweetly. Aanabia was astonished to see the boys stop their actions upon the arrival of a small and petite woman. Huh.

"Do you two mind not tearing my kitchen down?" she asked them and the boys shrugged.

"In my defense, he would not share food" stated Yahyah and Aanabia raised an eyebrow. Yazdan didn't want to share food? She let out a small laugh and this caused the boys and Zaiha to turn to her. Her cheeks turned slightly pink before she grinned at them sheepishly.

"Ah share food, Yazdan" stated Zaiha and Yazdan shook his head.

"There is chocolate glazed in the fridge. Eat that!" he stated and Yahyah rolled his eyes.

"Instead of screaming Mine like some triggered alpha male, you could have just told me that" replied Yahyah, turning to the fridge. Aanabia grinned at his response.

Mine, huh?

"Of course. Like that would make you stop stealing food" muttered Yazdan, biting off the donut that was on the plate in his hands. Aanabia watched him walk around the kitchen, eating.

"You could just sit and eat, you know" she told him, once he was near her hearing distance. He halted on his tracks and eyed her suspiciously. The look on his face made her laugh a little.

"I am not planning any assassination, if that is what you are worried about" she said and he shrugged before walking way. She watched him leave with a smile.


"I don't know whether I should be disturbed by this encounter or awed" Zaiha's voice startled Aanabia, causing her to take a few steps back with a faint pink tinted cheeks. Zaiha smiled at her before patting her head and walking away. Aanabia let out a wishful sigh and checked her watch. She realized she was late.

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