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Chapter 16: Life Talkies.


"Serene places, 

Amazing people 


Good Food, 


Good Times"



The boys set on the rugged floor by the large wall, using it as their back support. Zul was engrossed in reading the book he found on one of the shelves while Yazdan, Yahyah and Iqraam were indulged in a conversation from time to time. For now, it was personal morals. Their new topic was life experiences.

"I have a younger brother and three younger sisters. I happen to be the oldest" said Iqraam and Yahyah's eyes widened.

"You have four younger siblings? How do you manage?! I can't even work with one" he muttered, glancing over to Zul who was busy reading. Iqraam let out a small laugh.

"I manage."

"Yazdan has five though. And an older brother who you know" said Yahyah and Yazdan nodded.

"So how did you two become best of friends?" questioned Iqraam and Yahyah grinned while Yazdan groaned.

"Wrong question"

"Perfect question" the latter was the enthusiastic Yahyah.


"Yazdan and I met in preschool, when he was crying over his mother leaving him. He hated everyone but someone, he didn't hate me. Well he did actually. He threw a play dough at me on the first day" chuckled Yahyah and Yazdan frowned.

"In my defense, he was pestering me. I never had outside people exposure so as a 4 year old, I generally hated people." He replied and Yahyah laughed.

"He still hates people. Only likes selective people" Yahyah commented and Iqraam raised an eyebrow at him. Yazdan buried his face in his hands.

"Anyway, first week. The entire first week, I pestered him. Even asked mom to pack extra cookies for this idiot. Then we became friends. And kind of inseparable since then" said Yahyah, smiling fondly at the memory.

"That reminds me of Shumayll and I. We didn't go to preschool together though, we kind of ditched school and started our business together" said Iqraam and Yazdan turned to him.

"So how did you begin your business?" he asked, curiously.

"Shumayll and I had an idea of developing and using technology for the betterment. The industry was growing fast that time so we invested in a few places for our equipment. His father found out and we were given a chance under his banner to work and establish our own business. I found my love for race and cars there so I developed my business into Motor Corporation while Shumayll stayed in the IT business. It was hard because during the first few years, we were just teens. When we hit our 20's, we had two separate businesses to take care of. And I guess that was how we started"

Yazdan and Yahyah were in awe. He was so dedicated.

"That-" said Yazdan and Yahyah completed it. "-was awesome"

"Thank you. What about you two? How did you come about with the jobs today?" Iqraam asked.

"I loved trucks ever since I was a child. I lived with dad when mom divorced back in high school and developed a fondness of them since then. It was a way to keep myself busy and soon it became a full time job. That was until dad passed away last year and I had to take over his business" said Yahyah and Iqraam gave off a surprised expression. He did not know Yahyah's dad had passed away.

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