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Chapter 55: Ishaare Tere.


"Let the winds pass by, 

Let the sun shine upon her.

Let everyone rejoice, 

I have finally married her"



The Walima began straight after Zuhr. Soft instrumental music played at the background while people took their seats and chatted with soft drinks in their hands along with some snacks. Zamaairah was late. She had to return to her hotel in Adelaide to get dressed that morning, which happened to be two hours away. If only she had gotten her suitcase with her, it would have been easier.

The barn was lit with excitement as the music picked up a few notches, indicating the beginning of the program. The Master of Ceremony was Yahyah. He stood by the podium, looking regal in a navy blue suit jacket and pants with a white shirt inside. A lighter shade of blue tie along with black dressing shoes completed his look. His hair was tamed and brushed to the side perfectly. A Rolex watch was on his left hand along with a beaded blue dumortierite bracelet while his right remained bare (Not that people would be able to see it anyway).

Yahyah cleared his throat and everyone went silent, save for the few children who were hyped up. He smiled at them before opening the piece of paper in his hands. Keep calm. It's just like talking to your sub-coordinates at work. He chanted in his head. He let out a breath and began.

"Tim Urban said and I quote;" he began, "And when you chose your life partner, You're choosing a lot of things" He looked up to the audience to see them captivated at his start. His confidence boosted up and he continued.

"Including your parenting partner and someone who will deeply influence your children,

Your eating companion, for about 20,000 meals,

Your travelling companion for about a hundred vacations,

Your primary leisure time and your retirement friend,

Your career therapist and someone, whose day, you'll hear about a hundred and eighty thousand times.' Unquote. 

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we have gathered at this beautiful venue to mark the beginning of an adventure of two people, who have undertaken that oath as theirs. Two people who have fought all odds to become one. Two families who are now one. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the bride and groom of today, Aanabia and Yazdan Zaeef!" Yahyah yelled the last bits into the mic as loud cheers and claps surrounded the area. The said couple emerged from the main entrance of the barn as instrumental music began to play.

Yazdan had a grin on his face as he walked down the path with Aanabia who had a shy smile. She wore a white dress that had laced sleeves which ended at her wrists. The body of the dress was also lace and from the waist below, it flowed in a few layers of chiffon whereby the top layer had lacey floral designs until the end. She wore a single silver bracelet and had on a white hijab, matching her dress along with a bouquet of purple, white and pink flowers with a few leaves here and there. 

Yazdan wore a black Armani suit and tie along with a black waist coat and pants. His suit jacket was buttoned close. On his left hand, he had on his Rolex watch. His hair was styled neatly to one side with some hair product that Safwah knew of (Why is this not surprising?). He really missed his long hair though. All for this one day. He reminded himself.

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