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Chapter 43: Dinner.


"A humble man

knows not 


rather knows

the value 


True Happiness"



Aanabia was a nervous wreck. She tried her best to not show it but she was. She seriously was. Calm down. Her mind chanted the phrase like a mantra but nothing worked. Nahal was right beside her, holding her hand tightly in her own. She knew what her sister was going though. After all, this was Yahyah's house.

"As salaam Alaikum" she smiled at Qaidah and Zaiha who hugged their mother before hugging them tightly. Qaidah kissed the side of her head and smiled at her.

"My beautiful daughter-in-law" she said and Aanabia felt herself flushing bright. Right. Get used to it Aanabia.

"Come in" The girls followed their mother and Qaidah inside while Zaiha locked the doors. The living room was lively with the Zaeef's chatter and laughter. It immediately calmed down when Aanabia made an entrance. Grandmother Zaeef hugged the sisters and welcomed them before Kulthum and Amyrah whisked them outside to the backyard.

The backyard was brightly lit with lights (from the previous days) and the tents were still up. The brothers were outside there and when Aanabia saw Yazdan, she forgot how to breathe. He is so beautiful! He wore a black long sleeved shirt that had white vertical stripes on it paired with black pants. The sleeves were pushed up just below the elbows which displayed his arms. Oh holy vein of the arm- okay I should stop. She looked up and met his gray eyes which shone with mirth. He knew. He freaking knew. Aanabia grinned at him cheekily, completely forgetting that his older brother and younger siblings were around.

The boys eyed her with amusement as she grinned cheekily at their brother. Their heads turned to the said brother and watched his expression change to that of a small smile before it turned into a large grin. They looked at each other and grinned themselves. Their brother is whipped.

"Come on boys, meet your second bhabhi" called out Amyrah and Aanabia broke eye contact with Yazdan. She turned to Amyrah who grinned at her. The girls took seat in the large circle formed by the boys. Amyrah set beside Kayan followed by Karmaan, Safwah, Yazdan, Yahyah, Zul and Sahl respectively. Kulthum set beside Sahl while the sisters took seat in between Amyrah and Kulthum. Luckily there was a table in the middle which made it easier for them to form a circle.

Aanabia fidgeted with the loose ends of her dupatta.

"How did you two meet?" Aanabia turned to the twin who spoke. Apparently the out-spoken one. She wanted to laugh at his question. How did we meet again? Ah the school? The dinner? The incidents that followed? Maybe the library?

"Zul's school. I went to pick him up" they all simultaneously turned their heads to Yazdan. It was in such unison and their expressions were so identical that it made Aanabia question if they had rehearsed this or something before. Aanabia turned to Yazdan with a smirk who shrugged at his siblings.

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