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Chapter 52: Wedding Preparations.



tears in her eyes,

and withheld sobs.

She smiled at them. 


how far they had come,






Things moved on real quick. One moment Nahal was at work in Manchester, the next she was planning her sister's henna night with The Zaeef's. She didn't know whether she should be awkward or comfortable around such people. They were really nice, don't get her wrong. But they still were her sister's in-laws. Which made them a little intimidating. To Nahal anyway.

It was a bright morning and she was awoken by the rays of sunshine streaming into her room from the curtains she forgot to close the previous night. Serves you right, she groaned into her head as she pulled the comforter over her face to avoid the light. Just when she was beginning to fall back asleep, loud knocks on the door interrupted her. Is this death? Because if it's not, I will throw hands at you right now! Only death is allowed to disturb my sleep!

"NAHAL!" Ah it's my sister. Why is she up anyway?

"Nahal! Get up! It is part 10am!" Aanabia yelled from outside. Nahal let out another groan as she pulled a pillow over her head. Sleep.

"Nahal! Breakfast is ready!" Aanabia tried again but to no avail. Nahal was already slipping into la la land. But of course Aanabia had other tricks under her sleeve.

"Nahal. Yahyah will be here in 5 minutes to meet you. If you are not ready by then, he will leave you home and go-" Nahal set up on her bed immediately. Why wasn't I told of this before? She let out a whine before running her hands through her hair and it got stuck halfway. Great. Now I have to wash and dry my hair all over again. Should've dried it last night.

"Nahal? You up?" Aanabia called out again and Nahal called back a yes. She got off the bed, pulling her hair in a messy bun. She made the bed before walking to the attached bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she walked out of the bathroom with a better hair and fresh face. She had changed into jeans and a lose dress with silver stud earrings. She then tied her hair in a ponytail and stuffed her phone, wallet and headphones into her jean pockets (Thank god for men's section jeans having her size because women section had very small pockets). She picked up her white sneakers and made a run downstairs. With barely any makeup save for an eyeliner and Nivea Strawberry Chapstick, she seemed okay, to herself anyway.

"I am awake and ready" she said as she entered the kitchen where she knew everyone were at. Kulthum and Amyrah were here, with the kids while Kayan and the other brothers would arrive a two days before the henna night. Qaidah and Aahil along with the grandparents would also arrive with the brothers. 

"As salaam alaikum!" Kulthum said, looking up from her plate of toast bread and sunny side up fried eggs.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam" Nahal replied, blowing her a kiss. She walked towards where her sister and Amyrah stood, talking.

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