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Chapter 10: I can't even hate the entire family. 


"Oh Allah, 

I pray he finds you. 

Before he finds me. 




This is a struggle. And I hope, oh Allah, that I get rewarded for this.

"You look pale, sweetie. Are you alright?" Nahal looked up to see Zaiha eyeing her with concern.

Oh great. Now I can't even hate his entire family!

She let out a small smile and nodded. Zaiha placed her hand over her head with a smile.

"Let me know if you feel sick, alright? You look like you could use some tea" she said and Nahal let out a small smile.

"It is alright, Aunty. I feel weary, nothing more" she replied. Zaiha nodded and left the girl alone. Nahal walked over to the dining table, where others were seated. Lunch was uneventful, save for the glares she got from Yahyah.

"Come sit!" called out Aanabia from the table and Nahal nodded before taking a seat on the chair, right in front of Yahyah; unfortunately.

"Are you alright?" questioned Aanabia and Nahal let out a small smile before nodding. She caught the questioning look of Yazdan before he turned to the CEO and then back to her, with raised eyebrows. She shrugged and leaned onto the table, placing her head on it.

She listened as her sister conversed with Yahyah, the latter replying in short syllables. She heaved a sigh before getting up from her position and standing up.

"Let me go help Zaiha masi with work" she muttered before leaving the dining hall. Without even looking, she knew Yahyah was looking at her. Probably glaring.

Nahal walked into the kitchen to see Zaiha placing dishes in the sink. She smiled at her.

"Let me help, Aunty" she said, going over to where the sink was.

"It is alright, sweetie. I can do this"

"Nah. I am bored anyway. So I will help" she replied and Zaiha chuckled from the island, where she was placing the wrapped up left overs.

"Alright then"

Nahal smiled brightly before turning to the sink and sorting out the dishes.

"So how is work?" asked Zaiha, placing a dish in the sink. Nahal shrugged.

"It would have been nice if I didn't slap my CEO" she replied, leaving out the detail that the CEO was her son. Zaiha let out a laugh.

"You slapped your CEO! But why?"

"Well, you see. I was already rushed. Told last minute that he was coming and I had to prepare for a meeting with him. I hadn't had lunch and coffee was my last straw. I was rushing into the building when he appeared in front of me out of no where. I lost my balance and coffee fell on him."

Zaiha stood by the kitchen sink and listened to her story. It intrigued her. Nahal let out a small laugh.

"It was my fault too, thought I would never admit it. He was rushing and so was I. But in that moment, I was frustrated. I guess I took it out on him. In my defense," she said, soaping up the dishes, "He said something along the lines of having no manners and his face was plain irritating" Zaiha let out a series of laughter. Nahal laughed with her, before washing the soap away. Zaiha finally sobered up.

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