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Chapter 40: Eidi.


"'Being in love with someone 

You cannot have. 


Being in love with someone taken

Is the same as

Being in love with someone

You cannot Have'

Was his Reply"



Aanabia did not sleep the entire night. She was just so excited about Eid. What she was not excited about, however, was the fierce looks Yazdan gave Nahal. She knew Yazdan had found out about what happened and she also knew Yazdan would choose his best friend, practically his family over anything or anyone else. That anyone else included her. Nahal was no better. Ever since she saw Yahyah, she has been silently panicking. She desperately wanted to talk to him but she was too scared to hurt him again.

The following morning, Aanabia stood in front of the mirror doing her makeup. She was not a fan of make up but on occasions like these, she loved make-up! She applied her lipstick just as Nahal entered her room, all dolled up. She grinned at her in the mirror before turning to face her.

"Look who looks amazing" she said and Nahal smiled brightly. They were wearing identical blue outfits. It was a cotton dress that had beautiful golden embroidery. The dress fell to their ankles. Aanabia wore her jean leggings underneath it while Nahal wore literal jeans underneath it. But since no one would know exactly, it matched the outfit anyway.

"You done? Mom is waiting downstairs" Nahal told her and Aanabia nodded, turning to look at herself one last time in the mirror. She was wearing a blue Hijab that complimented her dress. Her makeup was natural and nude, just how she liked it. Nahal wore her Hijab the same way as Aanabia, but her makeup was bold, complimenting her doe like eyes and fair skin.

The two sisters walked out of Aanabia's room and down the steps when they heard laughter. Of course!

"Count on Middleton people to start coming over at like 7am" muttered Nahal and Aanabia chuckled.

"That is the tradition. Now let's go!" she pulled her sister down the steps, careful not to trip on their Dupatta's.

"As salaam alaikum!" she said, excitedly. Zaiha and Qaidah looked up to them while Hifzah simply smiled brightly.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam! Eid Mubarak, Habibti" said Zaiha, walking over to the girls. Qaidah followed her. Zaiha hugged Aanabia first, kissing both her cheeks while Qaidah hugged Nahal first, kissing both her cheeks.

"You look amazing, Masha Allah" Aanabia complimented Zaiha who laughed at her.

"Thank you! You look better though" she winked and Aanabia let out a small laugh.

"Jazak Allah khair" muttered Aanabia, blushing slightly. Zaiha smiled at her before turning to Nahal. Aanabia watched Nahal stiffen until Zaiha had pulled her in a tight hug.

"Eid Mubarak, Beautiful" she turned to see Qaidah smiling at her. She smiled back before Qaidah had hugged her. Safe. His mother's arms are so soft and safe. She hugged her back with a grin. Qaidah let her go before kissing her forehead.

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