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Chapter 27: Friends and Family. 


"If only giving up on him was easy, 

I'd have done it ages ago.

If only his memories were hazy,

I'd have forgotten him ages ago"



"Alright guys. I guess it is time" Raeef's voices made Yazdan snap out of his trance and look up. They were gathered at the small hall beside the mosque that is usually used for the mosque events. There were a few men with Raeef, around the same age as him and there was Yazdan and Yahyah.

"Ah there you guys are" Yazdan tilted his head and saw the girls flooding in. Ah, mixed gathering.

"As salaam alaikum" said Raeef and there was a unison reply. Yazdan was impressed. He looked over to Yahyah who shot him a grin.

"Alright. So welcome to yet another successful year of the Islamic Society. I am glad we made it!" there were a few laughs, mainly from the men. "Anyway, let us begin with our agenda. But before that, how about we go around introducing ourselves and what we do and stuff, like we usually do?" he suggested and everyone nodded. Yahyah looked at Yazdan with wide eyes. What am I supposed to say? Hi, Yazdan? Zaeef? Nope. Familia cannot come into this.

"Let us start with the females" said Raeef and they agreed.

"As salaam alaikum. I am Ayisha!" Yazdan titled his head and met familiar onyx eyes, seated right across him. And she was watching him with fascination. He felt blood rush to his face and knew he was blushing. Really badly. Way to go Yazdan. Way to make it obvious.

"As salaam alaikum. I am Zamairah" Yazdan broke eye contact with Aanabia when he heard a familiar name. He looked over to the girl, standing on the other side with a smile. Zamaairah Oman was here. But what was she doing here? Shouldn't she be in America right now? He grinned at her but she didn't look at him. Instead, she took a seat and looked down. Ah typical Zamairah. Yahyah nudged him and he looked over to him.

"Itsn't that Zama-" "Yes" replied Yazdan with a grin before Yahyah could even complete his sentence.

"As salaam alaikum. My name is Saher" Ah so Saher is also here.

"As salaam alaikum" He looked over to see Nahal fidgeting. He tilted his head to see Yahyah looking away. Finally he gained some knowledge! "I am Nahal"

"As salaam alaikum!" Why so many salaams?! "I am Aanabia" He turned back to see Aanabia take a seat. She had a dupatta over her head today, he noticed. Masha Allah? Agh. This is annoying. My conscience is annoying. 

Raeef turned to the boys side.

"Let us start" This pulled Yazdan out of his head, towards the matter at hand. Introduction of the boys. 

There was Abrar, who was Ayisha's brother.

There was Tahmeer, who joked a lot.

There was Laham, who was Egyptian and a writer.

There was Ilsan, who happened to be Raeef's brother-in-law.

And there was Yazdan and Yahyah. The members were less but it was nice.

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