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Chapter 26: Why Her?


"He thought not of why,

He thought not of how,

He thought not of when,

He thought not of the world,

He thought of not of anything,



And that was how he fell in love."



Yahyah parked the car in the garage before the four of them got off and took out their shopping from the trunk. He wanted to talk to her so bad. But he respected her decision. She needs time, Yahyah. She needs time. He kept repeating that in his head like some chant.

"Thank you" Aanabia thanked him and he nodded at her before turning to Nahal.

"The cupcakes were great by the way" she looked up to him with wide doe like eyes and he let out a smile. She stared at him really hard and he felt his heart rate quicken. Stop staring at me woman.

"Why me?" her question caught him off guard. He opened his mouth to answer but he found he could not say anything. Why her? I....... don't know? Before he could comprehend and answer, his mother and brother entered the garage. His mother, upon seeing the girls called out for them. Nahal gave him one last look before walking towards Zaiha with a small smile.

Huh. Why her? Why Nahal of all women I have met in my life?

Zaiha hugged the girls before inviting them inside for a cup of tea. The girls readily agreed, opting to take their shopping home before returning. Yahyah watched as they carried their bags out of the garage and decided to do the same.

"What exactly transpired between you and Nahal?" whispered Yazdan, picking up the bags from the trunk. Yahyah looked over the open trunk towards the house. He let out a small laugh.

"I will tell you later" When I figure that out for myself.

"Boys! Hurry up" called out Zaiha and Yahyah rolled his eyes before picking up the last bags and rushing into the house behind Yazdan. He placed the bags on the counter and walked back outside to take his phone and lock the car. He was going to lock it when he noticed something glinting at the floor of the backseat, right behind the drivers seat. He opened the door and bent down, picking it up.

It was an earring. Huh.

"Yahyah?" he heard his mother call him. He placed the earring in his jean pocket and shut the door. The only woman who set in this car recently at the back is Nahal. He smiled.

"Coming mom" he called out before locking the car and jogging into the house.


Yazdan tried his best to avoid the sudden tea party his mother had organized. But he also knows that Zaiha's words are good as law. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she is a lawyer.

So here he set, staring at the large cup of milk tea with the most amount of froth. Zaiha was chatting with Nahal and Aanabia about something while Yahyah was in his own world, probably thinking something about Nahal or work. Those were the only things, Yazdan realized, keeping his best friend busy lately. He glanced at Zul who was busily writing something on his notebook. He peered into the book and realized it was an essay. He let out a small laugh.

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