50 Don't Move

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  My palms were sweaty from the nervous that I am feeling right now , nervous because of my friends. My eyes wandered every vicinity and places that we just passed by , Nana still behind my back , probably killing me in her mind. The place is dark , as usual , but this feeling was different. I'm scared of what's going to happen ; I was lost and defeated.

" Where are we going? " , I tried to ask.

I could see Nana's lips curving upward without looking at her as she replied me, " You'll find out ".

My heart beated very fast every minute and seconds passed by , as we still walked non-stop through the corridors - the endless corridors. Nana and I didn't engage any conversation after the last one that we had , since I knew that she would just give no clues and irrelevant answers to me , which is completely useless and annoying at the same time.

" Stop right there " her voice echoed , as I obeyed and stopped as soon as she commanded me to stop. Before she could say anything , a horrifying scream was heard. My eyebrows twitched as I looked at Nana , who's just staring at me amusingly. I frowned at her with disgust as I ran towards the room where the scream was heard , and unfortunately , Nana didn't shoot nor pulled the trigger on me.

The door knob was held against my right palm and I pushed it with weight as it squeaked when it opened. The room , it was lightly dimmed , but you can still see what's the commotion all about.

" You came in just on time , dear " her voice catching my attention as soon as I entered the room. " Thank you for the assistance , Nana " Nana standing right behind me as she kicked me inside and shut the door behind her , the door sqeaking again. I stumbled across the room and regained my balance quickly as I looked at her with anger.

" What do you want this time? ; kill me now " , as I widened my arms towards her.

She had the amused smile on her face as she chuckled softly. " Oh I will , but not now " her body leaning closer to mine , as if she's whispering it to me.

She pouted and tapped her index finger to her chin as she pretended to think about something " Hm , 'cause it wouldn't be fun if I were to kill you that soon " , her eyes landing on me. " So I'll kill you slowly " , her red lips curling upwards.

My lips parted as I was about to say something when a force pushed me towards the back , a slammed on my back was felt , as I felt an adrenaline rush on my back. My wrist were tied with a black rope on a surgeon's chair automatically , as I felt something stinged on my neck. I felt its fluid rushing down through my veins , and I thought not this again.

Memories flowed through my mind again , the memories that I've wished it wasn't even true and real. No , I wish everything of this wasn't real. I just wanted a normal life , every person's normal life ; but who am I to complain , I'm already here in this situation. We should never focus in the pasts , but in the present.

I hear screams and yells in my mind , but I wasn't so sure if it was even real or just an illusion. My vision is blurry - as if I was drugged - , but the memories are coming back again. Until I heard a voice , a female voice.

" Don't worry , it's not that " Her mentioning that - the chemical that turned me into a monster , a real monster.

I tried to look up groggily - my head heavy from that chemical that was injected to me and my body limp as I couldn't move nor budge my fingers - , and ended up seeing two people. Why are there two of her?

" Your vision is still blurry , I know " Two figures bobbing their heads up and down as she walked back and forth.

When my vision finally came back for after a few minutes , my dried mouth started to move. " What did you do to me? " , my voice low and husky from the driedness of my mouth and tongue. " What was that? - the chemical "

" It's not that bad , though. It just disables your abilities to hurt me " , the queen talking about my abilities. " So it would be completely useless " , Nana nodding and being impressed.

" Let's get the show started , shall we? " The queen smirked and motioned Nana to do her tasks , while I raised my brow. A man was pushed inside the same room as I do , his head wrapped with a black sac of bag and his hands tied with a white rope.

Kim Namjoon

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