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  We decided to stay here until Chaerin unnie gets back to her normal state , and then go back to the other world to fight for our rights and freedom, hoping that no one would attack us here.

Everyone was quite busy minding their own business , either shining their guns or reading some magazines / newspapers to kill some time. It was boring indeed.

" Wah , You look like a dad , Namjoon " Hoseok teased , as Namjoon was holding his newspaper and reading them quietly.

Namjoon glared " I'm reading peacefully here "

He shrugged " Okay , dad "

This is what I've missed indeed , the old times. The old times we used to be in the classroom or school , joking around everywhere and mocking theirselves. I missed it , do they missed it , too?

I decided to go to the living room to sit and to think about what we're going to do , if we're in the other world. But then , my knee hit on the corner of the table that was in between the couches and sofa , as I winced in pain.

Rina scoffed as she shook her head sideways " Pabo " I glared at her and she just stared at me , too , while I was holding my knee with my hand.

" Hyerin , don't " Namjoon said

I turn around and looked at him " I wasn't even going to do it "

He thinks that I would use my ability to make Rina suffer , but I won't. I'm not that person who have a low self-esteem , just to do that to her , right?

I don't wanna be the monster who I've been before ever again. I'm trying to change for the sake of myself , not just for myself maybe , but for the others , too.

I felt someone poked my waist , as I turn around to see a kid holding an ice pack towards me. Of course I know her in an instant , those small figure of hers. Taegeuk was right in front of me , giving the ice pack towards me.

I pointed to myself " Me? " She nodded slowly, but not smiling at all

I took the ice pack from her small hand and placed them on my knee " Thank you , Taegeuk " She just plainly nodded and turn her back on me, as she left the place immediately.

She didn't even mutter one word to me , she just plainly did some body language. She was stil scared indeed... But at least , she's making some effort to have me back in her life again. She's slowly accepting me again...

I sat on the couch as I patted the ice pack on my knee , so it would prevent from bruising. Talking about bruises , I never had so many bruises anymore , unlike before. It was weird not having so many bruises anymore , cause its like it has been part of your life already.

I looked at my arm and my legs , no bruises at all , it was clean. They used to have some purple , green and yellowish spot there on my arm and on my legs , but it's gone. I'm free from bruises and wounds indeed.

Somebody tapped me on my shoulder , as I turn around to see Jungkook standing behind me. I patted some space on the couch beside me , a sign to sit beside me , cause I knew something was bothering him.

" What's up " I started the conversation once he was seated.

He sighed as he started to fish something in his hoodie's pocket " I wanted to give you this for a long time , but I kept on forgetting them " as he finally took out his arm , as I raised my brow.

" My phone... " as he placed my phone on my hands

" I thought I lost it " I said

He rubbed his neck " I found that in your room when you were kidnapped in our base "

I laughed " Kidnapped? Seriously? "

He chuckled " Then what word should I use then? "

I shook my head " Nevermind , just continue " as he just nodded

" It was the only thing you left before you went missing , so I treasured it " he said

I smiled at his words " Thank you for doing this "

He nodded as he placed his hand on top of mine, which I was holding my phone " I'll do anything for you "

I gulped and I knew at this time that I should say about what happened to Jimin and I before it's too late. I don't want him to be hurt so badly by not saying or informing him about it. I should do it now.

I was about to say something but Chaerin unnie interrupted me " If I were you , I wouldn't do that " she said , as she was motioning towards his hand.

Jungkook raised his brow while I just bit my lower lip " She's taken " she said

" What?! " Suga rose from his seat

Damn , they heard it " Who , though? " Hoseok said while his mouth was full

" What are you eating , Hoseok? " Taehyung asked

Hoseok rolled his eyes " Bread , obviously? "

Taehyung gaped his mouth open " That's expired already "

His eyes widened " Why didn't you tell me earlier! " as he threw the bread on the table and drank water immediately

It was expired as I pointed it on the bread " There's even a mold already "

Suga clapped both of his hands " So , back to the topic? " Talking about back to the topic , Ugh

Suga stared at me " So , who is it? "

And exactly , Jimin showed up in the living room , all eyes were on him. " It looks like you have some explainings to do " Chaerin patted him on the shoulder as she dragged him to the empty couch.

" What's the problem? " he said

" Since when? " Taehyung asked him

Jimin raised his brow " The what? "

" You and Hyerin " Namjoon spoke

" You didn't know? " Jimin said

" Of course we didn't know! " Hoseok finally spoke

" So , since when? " Suga repeated Taehyung's question

Jimin smiled " Since the time when we came back here "

" That's quite long already " Namjoon said

I haven't even spoke anything about what they're talking about earlier. Yes , I was shy, but there's other things that I have noticed. Jungkook and Rina , they were both quiet.

I know that I must have hurt Jungkook's feeling , especially when I wasn't able to inform him sooner by myself. Yes , it was my fault and I'm deeply and truly sorry for him.

Rina? I don't even know why she's quiet at that time? Why was she even like that? She looked sad , angry and full of hatred. It looks like that she was about to cry.

I haven't seen her like this before, except for now. I always see her as a hyper,frustrated, energetic,annoying woman , but now , she's different. Her aura is different now , it's a sad aura.

I knocked on Rina's door , as I opened the door to her room. No one was here , except for her. She was curled up like a ball , crying indeed.

" Rina? " I called

" Get out! I don't wanna see you now! " she yelled , as I tried to persuade her offer , but in the end , I gave up.

I tried to be nice to her for once just for her sake , since she didn't looked fine earlier. But since she doesn't want me to see her now , then I'll give her some space for now.

For now , I was in my room , dazing. I remembered that I have my phone now , so I took it out. I pressed the on button and my screen lit up and saw the same old lock screen.

I noticed that they were some few messages that I haven't read them yet , so I unlocked my phone and scrolled through my messages. I saw that there were some few messages from the school principal that they were looking for me. Not just me , but us , too.

I scrolled down to see more and something caught my eyes , my own phone number. Why would I send message to myself? I can see so many messages that belongs to me , why?

I pressed on them and there was a message , not too short and not too long. I furrowed my brows and gasped as I knew whom it came from.

" Jungkook "

Author's Note: Are you curious enough to find what's in those messages? Find out more by waiting for the next chapter/update hehehe <3 They finally know that Hyerin and Jimin are in a relationship! :D Jungkook , though :((

Do you think that Taegeuk is finally accepting her bit by bit? She's so adorable , isn't she? <3 ( EXCEPT FOR RINA hahaha -_- ) I know all of you hates Rina ( LOLS ) , because of her immature and childish acts.

Copyrights to jpexotic and schaenel_12 

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