21 Familiar Pain

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  " Yah , don't you know how to punch? " he said while he's throwing some punches at me.

I just kept on dodging his blows by turning sideways or it's either I'm going to duck or catch his blows by my own hand. I didn't want to hurt or harm him , I might end his life accidentally. I won't like that to happen.

" Punch me! " he yelled

" I don't want to! " I threw his arm sideways as he threw another aim at me again " I might hurt you badly! " He stopped , throwing both of his arms to his sides as he stared at me deeply into my eyes.

" That is the whole point of it " he muttered " If you're afraid of killing me accidentally , then control it " I nodded , trying to concentrain on it.

I felt the adrenaline of rush through my arm as I aim a punch in his nosebridge quickly , but he caught my hand in a quick motion then threw it to my sides as I saw a hand coming this way , in front of my face. I felt a sort of dizziness and pain as I balanced myself , knowing that he's not going to go easy on me.

At first , I thought my nosebridge would be broken from his hit , but instead of worrying it , I focused on this. I came back from my stance and watched him , every move that he makes. I kept on aiming punches at him , but he keeps on dodging them. But this time , he caught it and I was stucked.

He pulled my arm and I was in his arms , stucked , can't move. My back against his chest , heaving so deeply as he regains his breaths.

He chuckled " You lose "

I smirked as I hit him in the head making him wince. I got his arm and twisted it , but not too hard , just enough to let him fall on the ground. I stepped on his back with my one foot and laughed , not letting go of his arm yet.

" That's what you get , Byuntae " I hissed

A clap was heard as it echoed through the stadium while I stood there still holding his arm as he stayed there still on the ground , looking lifeless , hurt and broken , I guess.

" Well done " the guy said

Maybe he was watching us the whole time , or not? But he was standing beside Jungkook , wait , Jungkook? He's okay now? I'm glad that he's alright now. My eyes were about to drop off from my sockets as I released Jimin's arm on the ground when I saw Jungkook standing beside him , I was shocked.

" Jungkook... " I whispered.

They came forward , marching towards us. My legs were brought to him as my own arms functioned and wrapped it around his body. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about it , should I cry or laugh?

" You're alright... " I said under his fabric , hiding. Not knowing why I did this out of the blues , it was embarrasing and refreshing at the same time.

" Don't cry " he patted my head

I stepped away as I tried not cry " I'm sorry " I blurted

He shook his head " It's alright , I understand "

" Wah~ , I thought you were about to disable my arm , right there " Jimin suddenly said as he eyed the both of us. " You're no joke " he said

" I just did it lightly " which was true

" You were about to kill me , weren't you? " he playfully nudged me on the side non-stop as I hit him on the side with my elbow also " Ah! " he winced

" You did a great job , by the way " the guy said as if he was praising me " But don't forget , you have to train your sparring all the time " I nodded as I understood him. It means that I will be stucked with him every time I train my sparring , right? Well goodluck to me.


A knock was heard on my door and a voice came " Hyerin Unnie? "

" Neh? " I said

" Taehyung Oppa said that you guys need to go now "

I sat up on my bed " Where? "

" To the other world " she said

" Oh , right " I stood up and opened the door " Wait for me " I grabbed the door knob and add a force on it to open , as it made a clicking sound. The door was now widely opened and to my shock , it wasn't Taegeuk.

I furrowed my brows as I was really confused why that person is here , right in front of my face " Nana? " I felt a sharp object pierced through my skin in my stomach as I dropped myself on my knees.

I looked at my own self and saw a swiss knife stabbed in my stomach , it was bleeding so hard as I saw my white tank top going red from my blood. My vision was fading already , it was getting blurry and hazy , but I still get to see Nana's face , she was smiling.

How foolish I am , thinking that she can be my only trusted friend in my school. When will I get to have that one friend that I can trust on or lay on? Is the answer never?

I layed on the floor , no energy can be felt flowing through my body anymore as I was bleeding to death already. I felt the knife going out of my stomach and my body being lifted , I wasn't able to see who was lifting me , I was too tired and in much pain. I felt the same pain again , like I was stabbed in my thigh before by a glass of shard.

It was recognizable and a unforgetable experience. The pain will never be unforgettable and pleasing like you may wanted it to be , it will never be. I heard a siren came on and I knew it was too late , I was dying.

Before , I wanted to die easily , but now , it's different. I didn't want to die at that time of suffering , I wanted to live. Why? I have the reason to live already. I was given a mission and a task to do , to save our world , my world. I didn't want to die , not yet , not like this. This isn't how it supposed to end , not in this way...

" Hyerin! "

I turned my head and saw them , the boys , trying to run after me. I heard a gun shot and a grunt , that bullet went to Jimin. He fell on the ground , did he died? right in front of my eyes? He didn't right? No , he can't be. Even though my vision was blurry , I definitely saw it with my two own eyes.

" No!!!!! " I screamed , trying to escape from the monster's grip , but it was too tight, too strong. Monster, they are a monster. No shame , they don't care.

" Shut up! "

I glared at her " Why are you doing this , Nana?! " My tears , they were mixed with hatred, anger and sadness.

" You're still up?! " she got irritated as she pointed the gun to me and pulled the trigger , another gun shot was heard as the bullet went to my stomach , but this time , it was on the other side.

" Ah! " another pain was added again , this is too much. I can't keep up my consciousness already , my vision was starting to get darker and darker until it totally went black. Totally pitched black...

Author's Notes: Long time no update! I got sick again , btw HAHAHAHA >.< But I'm fine now , it's just that my tonsilities got triggered and my asthma got triggered ,too! How lucky I am , right? XD Asthma is a bitch , so yeah LOL

Anyways back to the topic ( hehehe ) , What do you think happened to their base? Why did she end up like that? :O Jimin D-Died?! Omo , how can this be! D: To get to know more of what's going to happen , please be tuned for the next update! :)

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