43 Trap

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  " We should run " my eyes not separating from the sight

" R-Run? "

I nodded and faced him " Yes , run! " and like that , I pulled Taehyung's arm and ran as fast as we could. I knew it was a bad thing to stay so long in front of their base , especially when it was visible to our eyes already.

" What's wrong? " as Jimin placed his hands on both of my shoulders , worried.

I was still panting and couldn't breathe that much , after we ran a couple of miles just to get back to the cottage as fast as we can. I wanted to inform them as soon as possible , while something in my heart and mind told them that something was off , but I was glad that nothing bad happened when we came.

" We found the base " earning everyone's attention in the room

" You found it? " Jin asked

Taehyung and I nodded at the same time " It was complicated , but we found it " Taehyung said , which I was about to say the same thing.

Namjoon crossed his arms " Complicated? "

I sighed " We really can't explain it that much- "

" Ah! " A scream was heard outside the cottage , it seems like a girl.

Few of us headed outside the cottage , since someone must stay in the cottage to guard. It would be pretty dumb of us if we let our guard down , right? So , we play it the smart and safe way.

" Taegeuk? " seeing a small little girl crying and sobbing in the dangerous forest. She raised her head when she heard me mumbled out her name , and that's when I knew it was really her

" Taegeuk! " hearing my call , everyone gathered around her and see if she's okay.

Hoseok gasped " She's bleeding a lot "

My eyes wandered on her left leg , bleeding and oozing a lot of blood. As soon as I saw her left leg's situation , I felt panicked. Tears started to well up in my eyes , too. It's a good thing that Taehyung didn't come along , or else , he will be really sad and depressed at the sight of her little sister's situation right now.

" Unnie... " her tears flowing like a river , not stopping.

I took her tiny little hand and held onto it " Don't worry , it will be alright , okay? " droplets of tears coming out , not able to manage my emotion and tears.

" Taegeuk? "

Our heads turned around and to see Taehyung standing in front of us with a shocked expression , so astonished by the scene. I felt bad for him , really bad. Just to know that she's just his only family member who's still alive and breathing.

" W-What happened to you?! " he knelt beside me , caressing her hair.

" Oppa , I'm sorry " she said in a low voice

" Help her! , please! " his tears rolling down as well

" Taehyung , this is a bear's trap and her left leg is stucked " Suga eyeing the bear trap that ate her sister's left leg or ankle " If we try to undo the trap , there is a possibility that her ankle might- "

" Cut into half " Hoseok continued

C-Cut into half? , I thought. This is cruel , the world is cruel. Why was God letting an young innocent girl suffer like this? , why? She's still young! She still have many bright future ahead of her!

Hoseok sighed " We have no time , she's losing many blood already " gazing through our eyes , asking us what to do now.

" I'll try to undo it " moving aside , when Hoseok gripped on my wrist

" Hyerin, " his eyes telling me if I was serious " You might break her ankle "

" I know " but I was serious

" I can do this " having a glance at Taehyung , who's really heart-brokened and sad

" Taegeuk-ah , unnie is going to try her best , alright? " Taehyung eyeing me with a tinge of hope in his eyes " So , don't you worry "

I sighed as I focused on the trap " Be careful , okay? " Suga informed

I nodded " I will "

I started to focus on the trap once again , as I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins and all over my body. It was coming. Sweat was starting form around my forehead , as I try to focus more. Taegeuk was screeching and screaming in pain when she felt the bear's trap releasing its grip.

" Here , bite this " Taehyung handed his shirt , which he took it off since he has a under shirt.He also knew that we were starting to make some loud noise , as it will distract some other creature and we wouldn't want that to happen , not at all.

I went back on releasing its trap slowly and carefully , not trying to break her ankle. It was really hard , to be honest. It was like you're performing a surgery on a patient , which you need to be so careful about it.

" Are you almost there? " Suga asked

" Stop asking me , if you want me to save her life " making him shut his mouth for asking me while I'm having a hard time over here.

" Almost there " I finally said , making everyone feel relieved as of the moment

" Stop "

Taehyung furrowed his brows " What do you mean by stop , Taegeuk-ah? "

She smiled and shook her head " Stop , unnie " she heavily breathed

I leaned back to sit properly and to question her " Taegeuk- "

" I wouldn't make it " her smile never leaving her face

" No , you will " starting to focus back on the trap

" Unnie, " she called again " Just please stop " her tears starting to flow

" Just give up " her eyes red and swollen already " I can't manage the pain anymore , Unnie "

" You've done enough , unnie " she smiled slowly , bringing back her sweet smile again " Thank you , unnie " her thank you really hit me so hard that the tears came back again.

" Oppa, " she looked at Taehyung " I'm glad that you became my Oppa for taking care of me always , for being there when Eomma and Appa aren't there anymore , and for being the best Oppa ever " she chuckled softly, still managing to chuckle.

" I thought I would live longer " her eyes wandering around the forest " I even told myself that I will meet and marry a boy like Oppa , since Oppa is my ideal type " It's more sad right now , since she can't get to meet and marry anymore.

" Taegeuk, " he faces up to see the trees' branches and bark " Oppa is really happy to have you in his life "

Taegeuk slowly nodded " I've never imagined that I will die like this and die in this place "

" It's all my fault " Taehyung sobbed , as I placed a hand on his back , comforting him.

" You didn't do anything wrong , Oppa " she smiled again , as her smile stabbed through my heart. " I was too stubborn and went out to look for you ,since I can't stand to wait anymore and I was worried but ended up here "

She coughed up " Thank you again to all of you...Oppa's and Unnie "

" Saranghae " her eyes shutting

" Taegeuk? " Taehyung called , but no response was heard from her " T-Taegeuk? " he tapped her cheek softly , but nothing happened

" Taegeuk! " he hugged her in his arms and cradled her , as it would be the last time to hug and cradle her " Don't leave me " he muttered , crying out all from his now shattered heart while I was just letting my tears slipped from my eyes.

Suga placed a hand on his shoulder " We're very sorry , Taehyung "

Author's Note: R.I.P , Taegeuk. A sad and angst chapter for this update huhuhu T^T How do you feel right now , readers? 3 I'm sorry if I killed Taehyung's little sister here in this chapter. In the next chapter/update , how will Taehyung handle his emotion andfeelings? Find out in the next update hehehe

Taehyung working with the damn heels! Woot Woot! Work it , Taehyung! ( he's so good , though. Better than me , tbh hahaha ) Maybe he has done it before? O.o We don't know actually hahaha

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