18 Good Side

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  I felt my neck stiffened as I lift my head up just to see where I am after what happened to me back then. I tried to move , but my hands were tied by a chain. I pulled the chain and tried to remove it , but it just made a sound.

Where am I? I also don't know how to answer that question. I am in a small room , but in a bright room. Where all the walls are painted in white , nothing else. It was neat.

" Let me go! " I tried to break the chains , but the chains were too big and hard to break. I heard the gray metal door opened as it sqeaked , showing a man in a suit. Was it him? No , he looks different than the last time I saw him.

" You finally got her " he said

" What do you want! "

" We're not here to harm you "

Lie. " Yes , you are! " They were going to hurt me , aren't they? " Just kill me! "

He chuckled " Why would we kill you? " he motioned to me as he kneeled in front of my face. " You're on our side "

Side? I scoffed " Side my ass " I spit at him and he just wiped it with his handkerchief , I saw a mark , a letter B on it. " You want to torture and kill me , right? " I glared at him " Go on then "

I slumped on the wall as I waited for the impact , but he just stared at me. " Why don't you do it?! " This is driving me crazy , what do they want from me?!

" Hyerin... "

" Hoseok? " Am I seeing things right? Why is Hoseok there , right infront of my eyes. " What are you doing here? " What in the world is happening right now?

" Let go of her " Hoseok said

" Are you sure? " the man said , but Hoseok just nodded.

The sound of a click was heard and I checked my wrists , they are no chains attached to it now , I'm free. I stood up and eyed all of them.

" Is it only you? "

He shook his head " Everyone is here "

" Even Jungkook? " but he can't go out of the hospital yet , he's in coma. Hoseok nodded and he was about to say more , but it made my blood boiled in anger.

I gripped the man's shirt and glared at him , full of anger " You let him get out of the hospital even though he's not in a good condition?! "

Hoseok grabbed my hand and placed it to my sides " Let him go first " Hoseok turned me around to face him " He's doing fine , he's in the treating center " I was relieved after I heard that he's being treated fine , but I didn't apologized after what happened since I still don't know him yet.

" Let's go to the meeting office to explain it everything " The man said

He led us to an big room which is called the meeting office , there was a long table and all 5 of them are here. I sat down next to Namjoon while the man sat in front , so he could see us. He clasped his hands together and coughed to gain some attention.

" So should I start now? " We all nodded and waited for him to start talking.

" Like I said Hyerin , you are on our side " Here we go again. " The boys had no problem about this since they're a member of us already , eversince "

What? They were a member of them already eversince? " However , they said that they wanted to live in teh real world since it's much more clam and peace so I gave them the choice. " So they were a member of them eversince they were a kid , cause they left this world at their age of 6 , am I right?

" At what age they were a member? " I asked out of curiosity

" Since birth actually , since all of their parents was an member also "

I nodded as I understood him " You may continue "

" But it seems that the rumored one , which is you , was found out to be true and real " My brows furrowed as I was about to open my mouth to ask something , but I just closed it , saving it for later. " They found out and they're now looking for you " he said

" Who? " I asked

" The creatures who destroyed this world " I gulped as I remembered the last time we went here and encountered the Silent Creeper , I haven't see them in real , but I know that they're scary as hell. " the boys were just a child then when they invaded this world and destroyed "

" It was horrible " Namjoon said

I looked at Jimin and saw that his face hardened , I can see that he is clenching his jaws. It must have been tough and hard for him after what happened to his parents , poor guy.

" They're looking for you until now "

" Who were the men? " I remembered them killing my father " They killed my father " I bit my lower lip and tried to maintain myself.

" I'm sorry about that , it was one of our men "

My eyes widened and this is it , I lost it. " Bullshit! " I punched the table and stood up " You killed my father! He was the only family member that I had and you killed him! "

This is unbelievable , never thought of it that it would be one of their men who killed my father. I thought it would be the creatures or one of their men who killed my father , but no.

" Why?! "

" Calm down , Hyerin " he said

I glared at him " How the fuck can I calm down?! " Namjoon stood up and pushed me towards my seat as he forced me to sit down.

" What we did was a mistake , I admit " his face still the same , not changing at all " But we had no choice , he left us first , so rule is a rule "

" Rule? " What kind of bullshit is this " What kind of rule?! "

" Your dad left us! He even signed our contract , he left us without asking permission." Was that the reason why Dad was scared when he saw my abilities? He knew that they were going to come anytime?

" Once a person who signs the contract leaves , he or she must die , it's in the rule "

I looked at Taehyung " But why didn't you recongnized them? " remembering the scene where we went back to my old house " You killed them " even though they deserved to be killed

" Well they were just wearing a suit , not their uniforms " So they have their own uniforms

" D-Did they signed the contract , too? " I gulped as I looked at the boys , remembering about the contract

He nodded " yes , they did since they are a member of us already " he then looked at me " You will , too. Soon. " I shouldn't be afraid of the contract , right? But why did I got nervous suddenly about the contract , my whole body got a goosebumps.

" Who started all these horrible stuff , anyways ? " changing the topic

" We still don't know who did it , we don't even know if the person who make all these horrible stuff is a boy or a girl " he sighed

" Until now we still don't know who it is yet " Suga said

Jimin sighed " It has been years already "

" But we must train you first " he said while looking at me

" Me? " I pointed to myself

" yes, you "

" When do we start then? " Jin asked

" We can start tomorrow " he said

" We're not going back? " Thinking about the schools and other stuff

" You may go back from time to time , you don't have to go to school at this time "

Right , no school for a while. I thought that my life would be just going to school , get graduated , do some jobs , marry a man whom you'll love until the end , have kids and die. But everything is different now , I have to skip school just to save the world. If not , they die. Not just them , but me also.

Author's Note: It's a boring chapter , I know huhuhu :( I'll update next week , since I have school again tomorrow T^T Please be patient and understanding hehehe :) How do you think about this chapter? Do you think that the bad person is a boy or a girl? What do you guys think and why?

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