14 Silent Creeper

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  " I'm glad to hear that " Namjoon said

I nodded and smiled " So , can we like , go home already? " as I looked at my left ankle " It kinda stings now and this place makes me more sad " I said

" Right , about that... " Suga scratched his head " We have to go look for the wall "

My eyes went into circle " Are you serious , what if the wall is destroyed already?! " Suga placed a hand over my mouth immediately when my voice raised.

" Then we can't go back " Jungkook replied

" What?! "

" Shh , we're not safe here " he whispered in a low volume

" I-I can't walk , remember? " Then suddenly a shadow came in sight , kneeling , his back facing me.

" Jungkook... " I muttered

" Hop on " he said

" You sure? " I asked

He chuckled " I have strong thighs " and I just scoffed at his remarks

I placed my arms around his neck , not too tight , so he can breathe properly. He took my legs softly as we lifted off from the ground , slowly. His scent , it smells like a strong fragrant , not too strong. The fragrance that I would like.

" Let's Go " Jungkook said to the others

We went deeper inside the forest as we search for the wall , if it still exist. Well, I hope it still exist or else what will happen to us if we're going to stay in this kind of world? I think I might go crazy and die , if that would ever happen.

" I know it's somewhere here " Jin said , obvious that he likes to go home as soon as possible. " Oh Gosh , what if it's not here anymore " he said

" Stay positive " I hissed

" Did you guys brought it? " Hoseok said

The what though? I asked myself , not knowing anything " Yup , of course " JImin answered , still consfused.

" I have mine as usual " Jungkook said as he lifted me higher " Can you get it for me? It's in my belt " he said

I didn't questioned him nor myself what was in his belt , but I have this feeling that something I knew was in there. Something I was afraid to hold was in there , absolutely. I lifted his shirt a little higher as I grasped the thing , it was indeed a gun. I took out his gun out of his belt and looked at it.

I tilted my head " This one? "

He nodded " Yeah , that one " still looking for that damn wall " Hold it with you first , just in case " I nodded and followed his command , thinking what kind of creature will appear in this world.

I gripped on the gun tightly , can't imagine myself holding this gun and shooting somebody if there's a need to. Why do they have this gun though? , what was their reasons? My life is messed up and also my mind is messed up already , how far will this go?

" I'm sorry " I murmured in his ears

" It's fine " I totally heard his breaths are coming to short already , he's tired and I pity for him.

" You're not " I looked at him and saw his forehead , sweating " Put me down , now " his grips on my legs became tight as I just sighed " Jungkook , you're tired "

" I'm fine " he said in one swift

" Put me down- "

" Sh! " Taehyung said , when we all stopped and stayed silent for a while " Did you guys hear that? " I definitely heard it , you can't undentify it , if it was a wolf or a different creature that just howled or groaned.

" What was that " I said in a soft voice , then a another howl or groan came

" Run! " Jin screamed

We ran for our life so that we wouldn't be eaten , if that's the correct term for it. Jungkook was having a double hard time already since we have to run and he was carrying me on his back , I felt bad for him.

" Found the place! " Jin finally found it " Here! Faster! "

We went inside a cottage that's made of wood , but where was the wall? I can't see a wall." Jungkook , Hyerin! " Jin's head suddenly popped out and there was a hidden passage to go underneath this cottage.

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