32 Heart

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  " What's the problem? " Jin said

" We thought we were safe here , not until they almost tried to kill us " Namjoon said

" They almost got us killed , if we weren't alert " Jungkook spoke this time

I furrowed my brows " Wait , I don't understand... "

" Me neither " Taehyung second the motion

" We're not safe here " Suga said

" Make it more clear " I said

" They infected some other people with some potion that we don't know " Jimin spilled it out finally

" What's with the potion? " Jin asked

" Once they see us , they kill " Jimin said simply

" It looks like they're hypnotize because of the potion " Hoseok finally spoke, who just didn't mutter any word at all earlier.

" Why not hypnotize them all , if they want us to be killed? Why only half of them? " I said

" Maybe , their potion wasn't enough " Namjoon stated

" No wonder the people didn't attack us earlier while we were in the crowds of people " Jin said

Taehyung nodded " We were just lucky "

" But how did they infect the people here in the human world? " Namjoon said

Suga gulped " It means they can enter here in the world , too... "

" But how? " Namjoon seemed to be so confused

At first , I doubted , but the answer was right in front of me already. It was clear to me already , really clear. Who could it only be then? None other than my Mom...

" My mom " I muttered

" She's dead , right? " Suga said

Jimin sighed " That's impossible "

" No , it's possible " I said

Of course she knows how to enter the human world , since that's how she met my father. My father belonged to the human world while my mother belonged to the other world.

They both met here in the human world by accident while my mom was on her mission to study about nature , since she was a scientist. They fell in love, got married and went to the other world , then she died after having me , which was a lie about her who died after she gave birth to me.

What I still don't understand is , how was she still alive? Dad told me that she died, I know that he was sincere about it and was telling the truth.But how did she do that and why did she lied? Why did she left us?

I looked at them , all of them in their eyes " She's alive "

" How could you possibly know that she's alive , when we heard that she's dead? " Jungkook said

Namjoon raised his hand " Wait "

" I remembered what Bom noona said " Namjoon stated

" She said that her body wasn't found when the doctor and the nurses came inside the room , it was gone " Namjoon said

" Why didn't my dad knew about this? " I said

Namjoon sighed " They didn't told your dad anymore about it , since they thought it was nothing to worry about anymore and she was dead anyway when they checked up on her "

" But yeah , what Jungkook has said , how could you possibly know that she's alive? " Namjoon but his lower lip as he waited for my answer.

" I saw her " as I sighed " It was shocking , but I saw her indeed "

" You told us that you don't even know what she looked like " Taehyung said

I furrowed my brows as I remembered the whole scene , where I got to confront in front of her face " There was no need to know about her face or what she looked like "

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