8 Sacrifice

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  " Shh " The moonlight shined upon the person's face and it was none other than Namjoon. He grabbed me by the hand and led us to the dark.

" What are you doing here? " I controlled my sob

He placed his index finger to his mouth a sign to keep my volume down " We need to get you out of here first , it's not safe here " I nodded , I had no time to ask him some questions where he will lead me to. Now isn't the time to ask and wonder , I need to get out of here first , to make it out alive.

I was led to a big house , a mansion type. I guess he's really rich to afford this big mansion or it's either his parents was a successful person. He opened the gate for me as I followed him inside , the garden were really nice , they are well handled just by the beauty of the flowers.

" Come inside " Namjoon said

The inside of the house were tidy and neat , but that didn't just caught my attention , something else did. I stared at them for a long time and processed my mind for a minute before I opened my mouth to say something.

" What are you guys doing here? " I wiped my tears away as soon as possible when I saw them in the living room , all eyes are on me right now.

" We live here " Taehyung laughed

" The seven of you?! " My eyes widen

Hoseok chuckled " Why? What's the big deal? "

I shook my head " N-Nothing , It's just..." I gave up " Nevermind "

" Well that's not the big deal , we have a bigger problem about something else " Namjoon stated

All of their ears perked and they were serious this time " Her house was bombarded "

" By who? " Suga asked

" By them " Them? What about the word them? Who were they? Did they knew them? What were they? What do they want with me? Why do they want to have me so much?

" Why would they be in her house? " Namjoon questioned

All of them sighed and Jungkook ruffled his hair " I knew this was going to happen " Namjoon furrowed his brows and all eyes were on Jungkook's this time.

Jungkook stared at me for a long time " She's the one "

" What do you mean she's the one " Jimin straightened in his seat

" The rumored one " Jungkook said

" How sure are you , that she's the one? " Hoseok said

" Yeah , how sure are you? " Namjoon came closer to Jungkook

" I saw her eyes and she has the necklace " All of their eyes were on me now , their stares made me feel nervous. I don't even know what the hell they were talking about , all I know is that my dad is now dead and I don't know what to do with my life already.

" Do you have the necklace? " Taehyung asked

If they were looking and asking about the necklace then the necklace they are talking about is the necklace that my mother gave me , the first and last gift from her. I rummaged through my pocket and found it there inside , I pulled it out and all our eyes were on it.

" It is the one... " Suga said

" We still have the chance " Suga stated as he stared at the other boys " We may still " he said

" It's dangerous " Namjoon said it this time " We can't risk our lives "

" What's going on? " I furrowed my brows , like it's never-ending " I don't understand a thing at all... "

" She doesn't know , her parents didn't explain anything at all , I guess " Namjoon said

" W-What are you talking about? " My heartbeats becoming faster and stronger , should I even hear this out? Maybe , I would just regret hearing this thing. What secrets did they kept from me , for how long?

Namjoon sighed and ruffled his hair " You're not a normal human being , you're something else... " my heart skipped a beat after hearing that I'm not a normal human being , then what am I? " You're one of a kind and you're still unknown , except for your information on how different you are "

Namjoon scooted a chair behind him and passed it to me as I sat down on it and listen to him , as much as possible , trying not to cry. I had enough of this shit , just crying all the time. My eyes red , my body numb , my legs weak , and my hands trembling.

" I am ready " I said

" Hyesung-ah! " I dropped the bottle that was full of chemicals and looked at the person 

" You're still pregnant! You can't do that! " She got the bottle away from me and pushed me towards the exit

I placed my arms on her shoulders and pleased " Chaerin-ah , It's fine with me. I can handle this , so don't worry about it "

She sighed in defeat " Fine , but you should be careful " she hugged me softly and carefully " How many months is it already? "

" 9 months " I replied

" I'm ready whenever it hurts like hell " she fistpumped

" and I'll be a auntie " Dara said

I laughed " Arasso " as I get back to work

" Hyesung , we will eat lunch already. Wanna join us? " Go Eun said , Also known as Bom , her nickname.

I shook my head " Nah , I'll just finish this because I'm almost done with it , then I'll come right away " I said

They nodded " Don't stress too much about it " I smiled and get backed to work after they left.

After a few minutes , I just have to drop a little drop of this chemical into the other one and it's all finish. It made a small poof and it was done now , I am finally finished. I hold the successful chemical in my own hand and looked at it , it was silver , but beautiful. My stomach started to hurt and I don't even know if it's going to go out already , but I wasn't even prepared at that time.

I accidentally dropped the chemical and it made a crashing sound on the floor , smoke and gases suddenly surrounded me. I can hear the siren , loud and clear. I coughed and breathed barely , trying to find the exit or the door , but it was locked due to the emergency. My vision started to get blurry and hazy , my surroundings getting darker everytime time passes by. In a few moments , the blackness came and a cold feeling came in contact to my body.

I opened my eyes and found myself laying on a bed , my eyes fixated at the doctor who was in front of me with my husband. My husband sighed and went closer to my side immediately as he stroked my hair softly and caressly.

" I was so worried about you " he said

I smiled " Sorry " I looked at my body and the big lump was still there , still safe , I guess?

The doctor hummed and looked at me " I have a bad news for you two " I gulped and prepared myself for the scary announcement that I wasn't ready for.

" You only have two options " the doctor stopped as he stared at the both of us " it's either you will lose your life or your baby " My heart was shattered like in a million pieces , I don't even know that this kind of thing will happen to me and my baby.

" W-Why? " My vision started to cloud up because of the water forming around my eyes.

" I've heard that you have inhaled a lot of chemicals and it was too much , there's a 50-50 chance already " I regretted and shouldn't have did it , I should've listen to Chaerin " The faster you decide , the faster the chance to live whether if it's you who'll live or the baby "

" I'll choose the baby , save her "

" What are you thinking?! " My husband yelled " No! You can't do that! "

I stared at him for a long time and tears started to roll down as I touched his cheek " Mothers should always sacrifice and it's the best way , no other "

He shook his head " There is a way! " he said uncalmly

" There isn't " I faced the reality as I told him the truth

" I will die and she will live , it's final... "

Author's Note: Sorry for the long time no update , it's good to see that they're are some comments that you want to see the next update :) I hope you guys are keep on continuing the support for this story , I really appreciate that <3 The update took me so long , because I was out of town so please understand me and forgive me huhuhuhu :(

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