15 Monster

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  " Stay " he said

Should I stay here or not? These choices are making me go insane. It was there , the door was already in front of me. I just have to grab the knob, twist it and then get out of this room. I grabbed the knob and was about to twist it , but I felt a pair of arms wrapped around me.

" Don't go " I felt a hot tingling sensation on my neck , since when did he left his cozy bed?

" Jimin... " My mind was not functioning well as I only just muttered his name in the dark

Oh Gosh , as I talked in my mind when I felt him biting my ear , a play type of bite. Was he seducing me?! Why is he doing this to me?! His hands suddenly traveled around my waist , I didn't even noticed that my mouth was slightly gaped open.

I felt like my feet were stucked on the ground , I was frozen. His mouth suddenly shifted on my neck , knowing what he was going to do. But there was a loud crash from downstair , my mind went back.

" Where are you going? " he said , feeling disappointed

" Downstairs , obviously " I entangled Jimin's arms from my body as I twisted the door knob and opened it as I limped all the way down to know what's happening.

I saw Taehyung crouching as he picked up the broken plate that was on the floor , maybe he dropped it accidentally. I was relieved that it was only a plate , not something else. I was going paranoid from what is happening to my life already , especially once I've heard about the Silent Creepers.

" Ack! " Taehyung winced in pain when I saw his index finger bleeding , he didn't mind it , he continued picking up the broken fragments.

" Aish , this kid " I murmured to myself

I went to Taehyung's side and took his hand , he looked shocked by seeing me " You should treat this first " the gash was pretty big and it looks like that it stings alot.

" It's fine " he pulled his hand , then went back to picking up the fragments again.

I sighed at his naughty behavior , he won't listen to me at all! He won't finish picking these broken fragments of plates , because it's too many! I stood up and looked for a towel , I found one near the counter so I took it. I went back to his side and crouched beside him , what I'm going to do might be stupid nor foolish , but I have no choice since there's no broom in sight.

I put the towel in my left hand as I scooped the broken pieces of plates with my right hand and placed it on the towel. Of course , my right palm stinged. The small pieces of the plates gashed and scratched my palm as it bleeded , too.

" Yah! Idiot! " he said

" You're stubborn , that's why "

He stood up and stared at me " Well what you did was stupid! " he shook his head " Plain stupid "

I laughed and smiled as I looked at my right palm , bleeding and stinging " Now we're the same " I showed him my palm and there were few small gashes and scratches.

" Let's take care of that , first " he grabbed my left wrist and led me to the living room where the first aid kit is

I scoffed " So you led me here to treat my wound , but you don't wanna treat yours? " I shook my head " That's stupid " I said

" It's not called stupidity , I just care for you and not myself " he wiped the blood that was in my palm and put some ointments on my palm, it was soothing.

" Well , care for yourself , too " Not putting a bandage since it would be useless and a waste if we would put a bandage each on it , so we rather have it without the bandage.He closed the first aid kit and placed it back where it belongs , he turned back and was about to leave the living room.

" Yah , where are you going? " I said

" Going to set the table , why , wanna help? "

I nodded " Sure , why not "


" Oh look , it's the ' Oh so Don't talk to me girl " she said after our P.E was done.

I was just getting my shirt to get change and they seriously have to mock me at this time , they seriously have the guts to mock me. I closed my locker once I got my shirt and was about to leave the place , but they weren't done yet with the mockings.

she rolled her eyes " She's a monster , she even dented her own desk " while the other girls nodded and chewed their chewing gums. At some point , I wanna get their chewing gums and stick it in their faces.

" She's a slut and a whore , too " the other girl proclaimed " Look at her- "

Next thing that happened was a bang on the locker was heard as I gripped her neck and pinned her on the locker , she was struggling to let go of my hand , but she can't. The other two girls screamed on top of their lungs and tried to pull my hair but I glared at them , their hands made way to their heads as they clutched it with pain.

I looked back at the girl that I was choking and stared at her " What were you saying again earlier? " her face was turning into bluish-purple , but I didn't care.

I felt someone pulled me back , making me let go of the girl. I came in crash in a pair of arms as I heaved deeply , like I was a monster , an uncontrollable one.

" Relax " he said

This scent... It was familiar , it smelled like vanilla. He brushed my hair using his hand , trying to make me calm. But his heart beats was making me more calmer than his brushing of my hair.

" I'm losing my control , Taehyung... " I spoke the truth

" I know " as he wipes my tears away from my cheek

I was crying , I haven't noticed it also " I'm a monster " they were right , how could I not noticed this? " I'm so terrible , I might kill them " I know I'm not the type of person who would kill a person , but why do I feel like killing a person right now? I feel miserable, angry , sad , terrible and horrible , all at the same time.

" I-I'm scared , Taehyung " I shivered in his embrace " I don't want to hurt people anymore , not like this " I don't want to bring back the old me again , I don't want to hurt people again like back in those days. I know I won't go too much , like killing a person , but this was different. I just almost did it...

" Help me , I don't wanna go back to before " I shook my head at the thought of hurting and killing a person " Not anymore " I may have hurt many people back in the days , and I said that I will change it. But why is it coming back?

" We will help you " he said as he made a peck on my forehead , but that is not the point right now. " We will train you... "

Author's Note: A short update! Sorry if it's short :( I seriously don't know too who to pick as a team though , it will really depend on you guys. Anyways, what would have happened to Jimin and Hyerin if the plate wasn't crashed/broke? Hehehehe * smirks * Tell me about it , if I should make one ( you know ) Hahahahaha , but of course , the person would be different hehehehe :)

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