29 Sorry

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  " Taegeuk , I didn't mean to show you that side of me- "

" Oppa! " she blurted out when she saw Taehyung came inside as she ran towards him and hugged him so tight. She was frightened because of me.

" Never do that again , we got scared that we might've lost you! " Taehyung muttered as he embraced his youngest sibling. Taehyung's eyes met my eyes as he mouthed Thank you while I just smiled in response.

I left the destroyed visual room and had my head hung low. Of course it hurt me , especially my pride. I didn't wanted a child to be scared of me , because of what she have seen for the past few days. She absolutely saw me before and she got terrified , I don't remember at all when but all I know is that she've seen me.

" Are you alright? " I heard a voice ahead of me

I lifted my head and just smiled " Yeah , I'll be "

" You should smile more , princess " he said

" Princess? Me? " I laughed " Maybe you're just describing about yourself , Jin " I joked

" Hyerin "

" Kidding! "

Jin brought me to smile again , but that only lasted for a while. It really just bothered me about what happened earlier in the visual room. I didn't want her to be afraid of me , especially when she's still a child. Only they should be afraid of me , not Taegeuk , not my loved one's , but them only.

" You look pretty upset today " he searched for my eyes as he stared at me for a while " What happened , princess? "

I sighed in defeat " Taegeuk is afraid of me after what she have seen before "

Now it was his turn to sigh " She's still a kid , so it's normal to have a kid frightened about what she've seen , right? "

" Yeah , you're not helping me at all " I glared at him

" Just give her some time " he said as he patted both of your shoulders and gave them a slight squeeze on my shoulders " She just need some time "

I nodded " Maybe she does "


My sweat was dripping like a river right now from all the hardworks that I am doing. Training is part of my life right now and it can't be removed. I have noticed that I was starting to gain some muscles after all the trainings I've received back then.

I've betrayed them , and I'm coming to go get them , destroy them and kill them for what they had done to us. They weren't done yet , they were still craving for blood and wars. We have to stop it , I have to end this.

" You changed alot " My head turned and saw him walking towards my direction.

I let out a small chuckle " This is what I've been doing the whole time when I was locked up in that hell place "

He smiled " Should we spar? "

I smirked " You sure? "

" Let's see what you've got "

The sparring was alot easier for me right now , but we've been sparring for how may minutes now? I don't even know , but it has been like 1 hour already.

" Yah , don't you cheat on me " he said talking about my abilities

" Why not? " I pouted

" Cause it's not fair? "

I huffed " Fine , fair fight then "

After for a few minutes , I finally beat him. But I kind of cheated , I guess? I didn't used my abilities of course! , but I got a way of how I defeated him.

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