30 Raid

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" How did you get inside? " I remembered that my door needed a password to enter the room.

He rubbed his neck " Well , I sort of hacked your lock "

" I feel violated for that " I joked

He chuckled " Sorry about that- "

Our conversation was interrupted when we heard the knocks , the knocks were loud anc clear. We stared at each other in the eyes , our gaze locked. The knocks were heard again and it looks like that person was in a hurry. My heart beated fast as I was starting to get nervous without a reason.

I stood up to get the door , but a hand stopped me " I'll go get it "

he stood up and I understand that he just did that because he was worried about my safety. After what happened to me before , it was traumatizing indeed. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't fight for our rights , right? We shouldn't be hid in the darkness forever , we should face our obstacles for ourselves.

Taehyung opened the door with a click and I went behind him , if everything's fine. I was shocked to see Jin in front of us , what was he doing here? Once he saw Taehyung , his face turned into a confused face. His eyes met mine and he may had the wrong idea of it , but he didn't dare to tease or talk about it.

" What's wrong? " Taehyung spoke first.

We could both see that Jin was panting from the run , I guess

" Hurry up and get out there " he clearly said it out loud

" What do you mean- " before I could finish my sentence , a loud pop and crash was heard. Taehyung and I looked at each other with a shock in our faces , as we get out of the room immediately.

What was happening? Another raid? I hope they're all fine , no more death , please. I can't stand to see many people dying , especially in front of my eyes. It makes my stomach turn into a knot.

" Where are we going? " I said while we're running for our lives

" I don't even know , but we must escape " Jin admitted

" Where are the others? " Taehyung asked

" They'll make it for sure , we talked about it before we got separated "

" Separated? " I nervously said

" We went our own ways to help the others " Jin explained

" They even got Taegeuk already , so you don't have to worry anything , Taehyung " Taehyung's breathing became calm as he heard that his sister was safe , but of course , nowhere is safe right now anymore. At least , she's with them , to protect her at all times.

I deeply exhaled as I thought they were separated for good , just like what happened to me before. I didn't want that to happen to them as well , how much I suffered in that hell hole. We just needed to hope and pray that everyone's alright

The place was starting to get messy , as we heard many crashes and scream , horrible screams. I bit my lower lip as I remained calm , knowing what's happening already.

They're here.

They came again. They want to rule the world and to destroy everything that's stopping or blocking their way. They're dominant and desperate for it while we were desperate for peace and freedom in our world.

We saw a tiny creature , just around 3 feet tall and it was lurking around. It saw us and we saw its face. I knew this creature , but never fought with this creature. No eyes , just a big mouth , that was drooling from its mouth. Its teeth were so sharp and it was jagged , too. Their skin , dirty and horrifying.

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