10 We belong there

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  " 1 , 2 , 3 " The door of the closet opened on time. Taehyung aimed a punch at the man and he blew off the head of the man with his gun. The sound was deafening and it was a horrifying view ,too.

" You will get used to it , soon " Taehyung said

I just smiled and Taehyung pulled another trigger just behind me , making another deafening sound. I turned around and saw another dead body laying down on the floor , he protected me from the attacker or should I say them.

" Let's get out of here , now " he was about to go out using the main door , but I stopped him

" We can't go out there , what if there are many of them " I hissed

" Then are there any exit? " He whispered

I came to thought about it that there are no other exit than that , but I remembered what Dad and I did before he was tortured and killed by those men. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the exact spot , here we are now , face to face to the wall. I recalled the beats and the pace of the knocks that my father did , Taehyung just stood there expressionless. Well I just let him be there expressionless while I try to do the knockings in my first try.

The knocks were clear and strong , all we have to do is to put my hand on the wall and maybe link my hand to his hand so we wouldn't get separated in our own ways. I took his hand and linked it with mine as I placed my hand to the wall , a familiar bright white light came and once I opened my eyes , we were on a street and infront of that was their house.

" I did it.. " I mumbled


" How was it? " Jin asked

Taehyung shook his head " They came back again and until now they're still looking for her " Taehyung went towards the staircase as he lifted his shirt up , leaving him shirtless. " I'll just change my shirt " Maybe , there was blood on it. He didn't even reacted on how we escaped earlier , was he really like that?

" Hyerin~ " I heard Jimin's voice from the kitchen and I can feel it that he's coming towards me now. I hid behind Jin and told him to act as if nothing happened.

" Where did she go? " Jimin stared at Jin " Have you seen her? "

Jin shook his head " Nope , why? "

" Aish , did she went outside all by herself? " Jimin questioned himself

The main door opened and I was face to face with Hoseok " Oh Hyerin , what are you doing here " I facedpalm and sighed as I just glared at Hoseok while he just shrugged.

" There you are! "

" What do you need " I said

" Please help me with this " he lifted his math notebook and pleased

I groaned " Jin can do it , he's smart "

" Ey~ , he always get zero- " Jin covered Jimin's blabbering mouth as he dragged Jimin away from me , thank God that Jimin is away from me already.

I have no intention to answer the math problems right now ,especially what happened earlier in my house. The deafening sound of the gun , I can still recall them , how they ring into my ears. It was traumatizing , honestly. I went upstairs and toured myself around until I reached the terrace , the wind blew my hair away from my face and it gave me chills and goosebumps.

The sun was going down now and the sunset was really beautiful , it will always be. I pictured the sunset using my phone and made it my home screen , since it was really beautiful. I viewed the picture in my gallery and I accidentally swiped it to the right , I saw a selca of Jimin in my phone.

Why the hell was it here in my gallery? I was about to delete it , but I think it was a waste. Mind keeping it as a memory.I looked at his facial features that caught my attention ,his plumped lips that almost touched against my lips when he confessed to me and his eye smile was so adorable.

" Why are you keep on staring at his picture? " A voice came

I jumped out of shock and held my heart that was beating fast right now " You scared me "

" Cause I caught you looking at his picture? " he chuckled

" Why , you jealous? " I joked

" Yes , I am " with that response , everything became quiet " Do you like him? " he stepped forward just enough to see his face against the sunset , making me more nervous.

" I don't know how to answer that yet " I honestly don't know what to say... Did I like Jimin? I don't even know what love is , how does it feels to be inlove?

" I see "

" Jungkook , do you like me? " I asked him straight-forward as I looked in his eyes , those eyes which stared at me also. Looking at him with this beautiful sunset behind us , I can see his facial features clearly.

" Do you wanna know? " our distance , so close , that I can even smell his mint breath. I opened my mouth for an decided answer but the door opened , revealing Suga.

" Dinner is ready , guys " We both stared at Suga for a long time until he spoke again " Dinner? " Jungkook sighed and left the terrace while I just followed his trace as well.

" I heard that it didn't went well at first " Namjoon spoke

I looked at Taehyung and he wasn't even looking at me at all , as if nothing happened earlier. He just kept on munching his food , not stopping his chewing.

I sighed and dropped my chopsticks on top of the bowl " We were spotted by men , two , in short. But Taehyung got them "

" She knows how to use the portal " Taehyung said with his mouth full " It- "

" Chew your food first , hyung " Jungkook said

Taehyung chewed his food first , like what Jungkook said and continued his sentence " It looks like that she was taught how to use it already "

" I wasn't taught " I wiped my mouth with a tissue " I just saw it from my Dad before he died " I corrected him

" I didn't even know that they had a portal in their house " Taehyung said

" Well, they should have one since her mother belonged to our world " Jin said

" What's with the world , seriously " We all only live in the same world , right? but what's with them?

" Hyerin , We don't belong here " Here we go again about the world " All of us , we don't belong here " Me? I thought it was only them? Why me?

" me? " I pointed to myself " Why don't I belong here? "

" Isn't obvious that why you don't belong to this world , have you even think about it? " Namjoon was starting raise his voice and I know he is pissed , he sighed and coughed to maintain his behavior " Hyerin-ah , you are unknown, we don't know what you really are , until the right time has come." he inhaled some air to continue his talking " Your mother belongs to the other world ,then you belong there ,too " he said

" We all belong there "

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