41 Leaves

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  " They're not here " I murmured

Jimin scoffed " Great..Now they left us , too "

I sighed and closed my eyes for a second , to feel anything around us. Once I've opened my eyes , I felt them. I felt their presence. They didn't practically leave us , of course.

" Look " I turned my head towards his direction and squinted my eyes

" Do you think the leaf would be like this? " his hand pointing the brown leaf that was pierced through the thin branch of the tree

I smiled and shook my head " They did it on purpose maybe " I walked through the tree as I pulled the leaf off from the thin branch of the tree , and threw the leaf on the ground.

" What are you doing? " Jimin said

I looked down to my feet , as I see thousands of scattered brown leaves everywhere. Dead leaves , perhaps. Just like the dead leaves that's around us , this world looks dead and miserable to me , in my perspective. But of course , I still hoped for a better place and future that's probably ahead of us.

" I'm covering their tracks , so they wouldn't follow and notice it " We sure know what the word ' they ' means , right? We don't even need an explanation for that already , as we all know it by ourselves.

Along the way , Jimin and I walked side by side , full on alert mode as we might not know when we are going to be attacked or not. Better to be prepared than nothing , right?

" Look , another one " he pointed

I nodded as I walked over and saw another dead leaf pierced by the thin branch of the tree. They sure made an effort to do this kind of stuff indeed , as I pulled the leaf and threw them on the ground. They were quite many along the way , as we followed the track. Not to mention , I also have to throw the leaves on the ground again all the time.

Jimin groaned " Are we almost there yet? "

" Why are they so many?! " as he was talking about the leaves

I sighed " Well , be greatful- " Jimin's face became confused , as I just raised my hand and furrowed my brows.

" Why did you stop? " I covered his mouth immediately with my hand , as we stood there in a moment of silence.

I breathe silently " Silent Creepers "

" Where? " Jimin mumbled under my hand

" Just keep quiet! " I hissed

We may not be able to see it , but it's somewhere around us , it was near around our perimeter. I could sense it , its presence. The bad aura lingering around us , those nasty aura.

" Go , Go , Go " I pushed him

His eyes widened " Where? "

" Up! " as I patted his back to make it fast

He gaped his mouth wide open " H-Here? On this big tree?! "

I just sighed and just lifted him up with my ability , as I placed him on the thick branch. I also immediately followed his lead , and squat beside Jimin , who was just sitting and grasping onto the tree, so that he wouldn't fall.

" Here it comes " I whispered to myself , as I saw its creature wandering around its perimeter and ground. It really wanders silently , as the Silent Creeper didn't make any sound at all. Fascinating and disgusting at the same time. I felt a pang of pain , as I was now laying on the ground , full of brown/dead leaves splattered on the ground.

" Ugh " I groaned , as I sat up and saw what just happened

The Silent Creeper was now on the thick branch , where Jimin is right now. He was below the Silent Creeper , as its mouth opened. Its sharp teeth/fang that was about to eat Jimin's head and the whole thing.

Jimin was still managing to push the Silent Creeper's head , as I was about to barge in , but noticed the web that was around my body. It sprayed web on me , and now I couldn't even move!

" You son of a bitch " not having any choice

The Silent Creeper flew right off from the branch and now it was on the ground , shaking its human head , trying to regain some consciousness. I saw Jimin laying on the branch , like he wasn't scared to fall anymore unlike earlier. He was heaving deeply.

I smirked " You still remember me? "

" You almost ate my head up, remember? " still trying to escape from this web , since it's sticky and nasty.

I tilted my head " Or was it your brothers who did that? "

It suddenly jumped angrily in front of me , but before it could land on me and bite my head off. I let that bastard pierced its body through the branch of the tree , as it hang lifelessly there.

" No mercy " Jimin whistled

I groaned " Lend me some hand over here? " motioning to come here and help me with this sticky and nasty web that's still around me. Jimin cringed as he bend over and helped me deal with this web.

" This thing stinks like hell! " he complained , finally free from the web.

I stood up and patted myself , as I looked at him disgusted " You're dripping... " he said

I sighed " I know "

" I'll just change later , since I have some clothes in my bag " I said


" Gosh , you stink " Suga said , while pinching his nose

" Please tell me that this cottage has a shower " I prayed

Namjoon just nodded and pointed where the shower is , as I thanked and praised the lord. I eventually took a shower and changed into some black tank top , black jeans and black boots , where everything needs to be dark as a camouflage.

" Glad you made it " Chaerin unnie said

I smiled " Of course "

" Thanks for the bunch of leaves , though " Jimin sarcastically said

Taehyung raised his brow " Bunch of leaves? "

I cleared my throat " Yeah , the leaves that was pierced into the branch "

" We didn't do anything , Hyerin " Jin said

Jimin crossed his arms " Then who did? "

" I did " Hoseok entered

I raised a brow this time " You did? "

He nodded " I thought you needed some help , so I did it "

Jimin nodded slowly " Well , that was wise "

" Thanks "

He just patted my shoulder twice and smiled warmly " No problem "

My eyes landed on Namjoon and he was staring right into my eyes , while I just rubbed my nape awkwardly. After I've done something bad to Namjoon , who's probably hurt and mad right now again.

I slowly walked beside him " I'm sorry "

" You better " my shoulders tensed as he said it

" You totally hit my right foot really hard , you know " he chuckled , as I released the breath that was trapped inside my mouth , because of nervousness and guilt that was inside of me.

His hand on my shoulder " I should've waited for him , too. " he shook his head " No , scratch that. We should've waited for him. "

He sighed " Not just you , but us , too "

" I was so scared that somebody might get hurt in the first place , when we all know that we're all bound to get hurt , because of what our world has become " his hand making way to his blonde hair , which he just dyed for the past few weeks.

I nodded " I understand your explanation , but next time , can we just please cooperate? "

He smiled and patted my head " Of course , we will "

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