3 Blood

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" Kim Hyerin " 

" N-Neh? " 

" Why don't you answer this problem for us " Our math teacher said while pointing out the problem. I nodded and stood up as I headed in front without any hesitation. I picked up the chalk and solved the problem like it was a piece of cake , even though it really was a piece of cake for me.  

The teacher looked somehow amazed as he cleared up his throat " Okay , looks like we have a genius right here in our class  " 

" Did you guys understand our lesson? Cause we're going to have a quiz " the class groaned by just hearing the word quiz 

For after a few minutes , the teacher gave us a question sheets and it was full of problems. I can see that the other students were having a hard time , some were cheating also by asking questions to their seatmates or by looking at their classmate's paper. The teacher doesn't even notice that they were cheating already , the student's were fast-skilled at this.

I felt a tug on my elbow and it made a smudge on my paper where I was writing , I sighed silently and looked at Jimin where he was pretending to write something in his paper. I saw a small folded paper right beside my elbow as I took it and read it on my mind cautiously.


" What's the answer in number 3? Please Help :( "


I scribbled words and letters on the paper and folded it again as I passed it to him , I saw him glared at me and wrote something on the paper again as he passed it to me this time.

" What do you mean by ' The answer is your ass ' ??? You're so mean , please help :( " 

I shook my head and finished my last problem and passed it to the teacher , the teacher looked pleased when he looked at my paper. Jimin looked unsatisfied when I didn't helped him out , he grabbed his hair and ruffled his hair many times. I thought that I should help him at least just once , he look so pitiful. 

I scribbled and wrote down the formula and the easiest solution for Question number 3 , what he was asking for. I folded the paper and nudged his leg by using my other leg as I gave him the folded paper , he stared at it for a while whether to open it or not. He decided to open it and looked at my direction , then wrote the formula and solution in his paper quickly. 

" Are you all done with your papers? " the teacher counted the papers " Okay , it's all in here " 

" Goodbye class and wait for your next subject teacher " when the teacher left the class , the whole class became noisy. Some were talking about the quiz we had a while ago , how hard it was and how they cheated. 

" Why did you helped me? " he said 

" Well you look so pitiful a while ago " 

He rolled his eyes " Thank you anyway " 

" Yo Jimin~ " one guy slapped his back lightly 

" Oh! you're the girl from last night " 

Is he Taehyung? The one who save me last night at the bar? " Taehyung? " 

" So she was the girl whom you met last night? " Jimin said 

" Yeah , I forgot her name so I couldn't mention her name last night to you guys since she's a new student "as he scratched his neck 

" What were you doing there? " Jimin stared at me as he waited for my answer 

" None of your business " 

" That's what she said to me too " Taehyung said 

" Why do you wanna know? " I said 

They both looked at each other " We're just curious about it " 

" I'm out in here " I stood up 

" Yah! Where are you going?! " 

" Why , you wanna know also where I'm going?! " Geez , I'm just going to the restroom where it is peace and quiet. 


" Come here you , rascal! " He pulled my hair and dragged me to the living room as he pushed me to the floor 

" What were you doing there?!  Why were you dancing at the bar?! " he said 

" Why do you care?! "  

He grabbed my chin and made me look into his eyes " What did you just say?! " 

" I said , why do you care?! " I screamed at in his face 

He made a fist in his hand and used it on me , on my face and on my body. How many times did he use his fist on me? not just fist  , but other things as well. I've been experiencing many pain in my life and always end up broken , but I still remained calm and gentle towards him because he's still my dad after all. 

" Don't you dare raise your voice at me! " A glass was thrown at me and it shattered into pieces , one shard of broken glass pierced into my skin and it started to bleed.

" Get out! I don't wanna see your face at this moment! " 

I stood up immediately and limped through the way out of this hell house. The air hitted my body and my body shivered by the coldness of the air ,especially my wound. I made my way to the park where no one is , as I sat on the bench. I always go here whenever this kind of situation happens , yes , this situation always happen and I'm somehow used to it , but not the pain. 

I looked at the shard that's still pierced on my thigh , it really looked bad and it's bleeding really hard. I gripped on the shard , deciding it whether to pull it or not. Whenever I gripped on it , it stings and hurts , making me cringe and wince in pain. 

" Ugh , Fuck " I hissed " On count of three , one , two , three- " 

" Hyerin? "  Oh God , please don't come near me " It is you and what are you doing here- " 

" You're bleeding! " 

" Don't... Don't help me " 

" Why not?! " 

" First of all , I don't know who you are. Second , we only just met at the rooftop " 

" There's no time for that! You're bleeding to death! " 

" Can you just shut the fuck up?! " I stood up slowly , wanting to leave this place as I limped 

I felt my feet were not on the ground anymore as if I am flying " Put me down " I struggled my legs to move but it made me wince in pain.

" Where are you taking me? " I said 

" Obviously , to the hospital " 

" Put me down , this is none of your business" I spat harshly

" Can you just trust me on this ? " I was about to say something to him , but I have no energy to talk to him right now. It feels like my energy is already drained out.


I heard some noise in the background while my eyes are closed as I pried my eyes to open this time , hoping it would budge. My eyes successfully opened and I adjusted my eyes to the lights. First , I saw a white ceiling and I knew where I was already. He wasn't kidding at all about bringing me to the hospital. This is my first time in the hospital , cause usually whenever I get hurt I don't go to the hospital but instead I just heal or cure it by myself since it's also a waste to my money.

" She's awake , call the doctor " I heard one said 

" What are you guys doing here? " I said as I saw them in the room 

" We heard " Taehyun said 

" You should be thankful to Jungkook who found you in a park , losing many blood " the other boy said 

" The doctor is here " The boy called Jungkook said 

" Good to see you awake , Kim Hyerin-ssi " the doctor smiled as he walked to my side and checked his binder " Looks like you were beaten badly " My eyes wandered to the boys and they looked shocked , I looked at the doctor and I guess he knew what I was talking about.

" You want to talk about this privately then? " I was about to nod but he continued to talk again " but we need a guardian also too " 

" I don't have a guar- " 

Jungkook raised his hand " I volunteer since I'm the one who saved her " I gulped and ready myself from what I would hear , I'm afraid that he would know the truth about me. The 6 boys left the room for a while as we waited for the doctor to talk or to speak.

" So as I was telling you , you were beaten badly " as he checked and read his binder again " You have too many bruises on your body and we wanted to know where did you got those from? Of course , you can't tell me that's an accident right? That's impossible , so please tell us honestly " 

I inhaled some air as I knew there were no escape and there's no need to lie since it's really impossible to say that I fell from the stairs right? It's hard to believe it when you say it like that , I have no other choice but to tell the doctor the truth.Every secrets have to be spoiled and said , because secrets can't last long. There's a time where you should no longer keep it as a secret and this is the time to unleash them.

" Yes , I was beaten " I finally said it " But I won't tell who did it " 


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Author's Note: I'm back! I'm updating as fast as I can , because I know that I couldn't update that much when Dec. 25 comes , because My whole family and I would be really spending some quality time to each other lol :) But I guess I'll try to update as much as possible :D

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