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51 Last Battle

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  " You know what to do! " , the queen yelled while he nodded.

He pushed me forward , telling me to move , just what Nana did. The long journey of walk is here again , but I didn't mind walking. I tried turning around to face him , but instead , he poked the muzzle to my left cheek when I was about to turn , having no option but to keep walking.

" What are you going to do with Namjoon? " , since he's not with us right now.

" None of your business " , he simply said.

" Jungkook , he's your friend , our friend " avoiding to turn around.

" Turn right and go inside " ignoring what I said.

" What is this place? " frowning and pinching my nose from the smell of this big room.

" This is where you'll die " aiming the gun at me as I immediately turn around and looked at his face. His face so different than the last time I saw him , the last time I saw him broken from his messages that he sent to me. He's now strong and stiff , like there's no feelings in him already. He's just like Rina , the first time she invaded our place or the forest.

" You're bluffing " He shrugged and a click from the gun was heard , loading the gun as it was still aiming at me.

" Why not? " , his eyebrow raised.

" 'Cause you won't hurt me , or you couldn't " my mouth drying up for the second time.

He pulled the trigger and the shot aimed on my right thigh , the pain flowing throughout my body. My body dropped to the ground , my knees hitting the pavement first before my chest hits the pavement.

" Now , what were you saying again? " loading the gun again , making a click sound.

My mind went blank for a second as I reminisced the past , the past where Jungkook helped me in the park , my right thigh bleeding from the glass shard. Those memories hurt me and it wanted me to stay in the past and never in the present.

" Tell me that you're lying , Jungkook " Slowly rising with the help of my left arm , lifting me up from the pavement.

" Tell me from the time that we've met in that park! The time when you helped me in the park , tell me that you still remember that! " Tears flowing down , my gaze locked in his gaze.

" Tell me that you're hurt , because yes! , I've read those messages that you've sent me! " Breathing in and out slowly , drained from the chemical that I've intake earlier. Taking a slight step to him , bringing up the barrel of the gun as I placed the muzzle on my forehead. " If not , then just kill me " , shutting my eyes closed and waiting for the pain to wash over me as I will see the darkness for a minute and light enlighting me. There goes the gun shot filling the room , a deafening sound that I will never get used to it.

" Leave " , my eyelids lifting and I see his stiff facial expression as he drops his gun to the ground , making a slight thud.

I eyed him for a while when he yelled again , " Leave! " My body reacting to it immediately , as I look at him one more time before leaving the room , his head lifted up towards the ceiling while his eyes are closed.

I ran limply immediately to the corridor , which is like a maze , not knowing where I'm going. I hid behind the corridor when two silent creepers walked few feet ahead of me , gladly not recognizing me for my fast reflexes.

" No , stop! " an unknown man - probably a survivor from our base - screamed.

" Where are you bringing me?! " he asked , but of course , the creatures can't talk.

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