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He was still waiting for me to respond , but I don't know whether I should respond him or not. My heart , were they pounding and beating for him? But before that , the speaker chimed and told us the next stop , it was our location to get off.

Our lips parted as I stood up and fixed my hair , I stood near the door and held onto my bag tightly. I felt a pressence beside me and it was him , how awkward... I tugged my hair strands to the side of my ear as the bus stopped and the door opened. We walked and no one has spoken a thing yet , except he coughed just to gain my attention.

" I understand " he spoke finally

I didn't knew until now that I was holding my breath for so long , because of the nervousness that I have encountered earlier. That's what Jimin said right? ' I understand '

" I'm speechless right now , honestly "

" It's alright " but deep inside , I know he's hurt. But what can I do for him? I still can't give him that one thing he wants or desire for right? I wasn't ready for this , absolutely not ready.

" Nobody is home yet , I guess " he said once we arrived at the house , but something caught my eye.

" Wait , don't talk " I placed my index finger near to my mouth as a sign to keep quiet.

Just corner of the street , I saw a man , dressed in a suit. He was wearing a shade ,too. He suddenly dissapeared , or should I say he hid when he saw me looking or staring at him. I suddenly felt a goosebumps all over my body , I grabbed Jungkook's wrist and led us inside the gate or in the house.

" We should stay inside " I locked the main door once we got inside " Did you see the man? " I asked him

" Yeah " he said while calling the other members " They'll be here in any minute , they said " as he put back his phone in his pocket. We heard a knock on the main door , Jungkook went to get the door but I grabbed his wrist, just in time.

" What if it's not them " my heart pounding like crazy " They said they'll be here in any minute , but do you think they're way too fast to be here? " I said trying to be more reasonable

He nodded " Well we don't know unless we open this door " as his gripped on the door knob tightened

Then a loud bang came from the door , we both saw that the door is going to fall down towards us . My eyes widen as the sight of a big door coming towards us , my whole body felt like stone , I was astonished. I felt a crash and a weight on top of me , I opened my eyes and the first thing I thought that I would see was the big wooden door , but it wasn't. It was Jungkook.

His face was just beside my face , his cheeks touching my cheeks. He groaned and that's when reality came back to me , Jungkook saved me from the big ass door. But the thing is , the door crashed on Jungkook instead of me. He tried to rose up , but failed.

" Guys? " I heard someone said

" We're here! " I screamed

" Oh God , what happened to you guys?! " Namjoon said as he tried to carry the door , but he can't do it by himself only " Kids! Help me out here! "

The door was being lifted off and I can see that Jungkook wasn't moving at all " Jungkook " I called out his name , but he wasn't waking up nor moving at all.

I rose up slowly and placed Jungkook on my lap as I slap his cheek softly " Yah , Jeon Jungkook " this is not funny at all , this is a serious case.

" Carry him and do something! " I felt a droplets of tears coming out from my eyes as I saw Namjoon carried Jungkook on his back and headed somewhere else , to the hospital definitely. Why does the door has to be freaking large and heavy , as I complained about the door which was absolutely stupid and childish.

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