19 Brat

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  " I missed this cafeteria " Jin said while we entered the huge cafeteria.

We were led to the cafeteria to eat and the cafeteria was really large , it was also bright. Full of white lights that made the cafetria bright as ever. The people inside the cafeteria all stopped doing their thing and looked at us , as if we're intruders or something.

" Oppa! " A teenage girl came in our sight and hugged Namjoon , Namjoon was shocked by the force , but he smiled immediately when he knew who the girl was

" I missed you oppa! " the girl exclaimed " Why didn't you visitied us here?! " she hugged Namjoon again. It looks like they're really close and she missed them so much , I was still dumbfounded for who she is.

" We missed you , too , Rina " he smiled

" You're all grown up now " he sighed " The last time we saw you, you were so small and cute "

" You guys are just 1 year older than me! " she hissed

So she's definitely 16 now , since the boys are around the age of 18 or 17. but why did she look so young? , if she's almost around our age?

" Who is she though? " She pointed at me.

" She's a new member of us " Taehyung said

I looked at him " I'm not- "

" Well , I don't like her " she snapped

Everything became silent and I just eyed her , not going to fight with this brat kid. Since it would be a waste of time and effort. How could she just say that to me , in front of me. She's so straight-forward.

" Anyways , I'm Rina " She didn't introduce me her full name so I will not say my full name either

" Hyerin " I said in monotone.

She looked at the boys and smiled " Enjoy your meals " she walked towards me as she bumped into me , but good thing my feet were really sticked to the ground. She even whispered to my ears " Stay away from them " Even though she passed by me really quick I still heard her. How arrogant.

" Come on " Jimin motioned towards us " I'm hungry, so let's eat now "

We are all in line to get our own food , there is many food here in the cafeteria. Much more food than in our school's cafeteria , it looks like they have everything here. After we all got our own tray of food , we sat in a long table and ate silently. Until Namjoon spoke.

" Sorry about her behaviors " he apologized instead of her , but I don't want to hear his apologies from him. I want it from her , sincerely.

I shook my head as I sipped on my soup " It's okay "

" She's our childhood friend here when we were here , she was 5 years old and we were 6 back then when we met her. " Taehyung explained.

" I wasn't even asking " as I ate a spoonful of rice and munched on it.

" But I know you're curious about it " I eyed him and ate another spoonful of rice , not bothering to answer back since he was right.

" We became really close to her in a short amount of time , but after that incident happened , we asked permission to escape for our better future " I watched him as he sipped on his soup " But we're here again , with you this time " his eyes , looking at my own eyes.I felt a hand on my shoulder as I got nervous with the touch.

" Are you the new girl? " A girl said

I looked at her and nodded " Noona! " Suga spoke " Why didn't you changed at all? "

She looked at him and smiled " Is that a polite thing to ask or a rude one? " Suga smiled and scratched his head " Well , our world has changed alot " What does she mean by that? Our faces scrunched and looked so confused , but she shrugged it off.

" Well are you done eating? " she asked politely

I looked at my plate or tray and it was half way empty , but I nodded anyway " Then , I'll show you your room " she said

I stood up and excused myself as she led me to the elevator , the door pinged open and we are now in the hallway. She was looking for my room number and once we found it we stopped.

She looked at me " Place your right thumb on the censor " she indicated

I saw a small censor sticked on the door , I placed my right thumb on it and a green light came on. Glowing and moving up and down , a click came and she opened the door for me. The room wasn't that big or small , it was just for me.

" There's a bathroom here so you can have a shower later " she said " You can ask me if you have any question " I do have alot of questions to ask , but I just shook my head.

" So I'll leave now " she motioned herself towards the door and left.

When she left the room I sat down on the edge of the bed and think deeply. I knew that everything from now on will change , alot of things will be changed. Honestly , I am not used to this kind of thing yet , but I know I will. I just need some time to get used to this thing.

I haven't even asked her name earlier , she may know me but I don't. She's around her mid-twenties , I guess. From what I have seen , but I can't be sure of that. I decided to take a shower and to take a nap after , but that didn't happen at all. Cause a knock came , I opened the door and saw Hoseok , full of sweat dripping from his forehead.

" What happened? " I asked

He smiled as he heaved " Jungkook is awake "

My eyes widen " Lead the way " I said as I closed the door

As we get there , the boys were already there inlcuding the girl , called Rina. I felt irritated , of course , but what can I do? I inhaled some air as I entered the room , all eyes are on me. I stood beside Jungkook and saw his expression , expression of tiredness. I felt a pang of guilt in me , as I remembered the whole incident again.

I kneeled infront of him and apologized " I'm sorry " I said

He smiled as he took my hand gently , his hand cold " Don't apologize for what happened " he rubbed his thumb around my hand

I shook my head " Why did you have to get in the way "

" We're sorry " Jin said

I looked at them " What do you mean? "

" It's our fault " Jin said

" Kindly explain it to me more clearly "

" It was us who kicked the door , cause we thought something bad was happening on the other side. Since the door was locked so we had no other choice to kick the door or to break it. " Jin explained it more clearly.

I swallowed each words they said and tried to understand them carefully , thought it was man who did it. I didn't hate them for doing that , and why would I hate them for doing that? It was just a misunderstanding , right? I just nodded and everything became quiet , until Rina talked.

" How did you guys met her? " She said out of the blues

"In school " Hoseok replied

" In school? " she said , not believing " Why do you trust her so much when you only met her in school? "

She looked at me " What did you do to them? "

I pointed myself " Me? " as she stared at me for a long time " I did nothing " I said

" You did something to them , didn't you?! " her voice ringing inside the room

" If you want to argue this thing , let's go outside , not here " as I looked at Jungkook , who's wanting peace and calmness in the room.

" Rina , stop this " Suga said

" You " she pointed at me , she was about to say something but she was cut off

" Rina , stop acting like this toward her " Namjoon said

" Why not?! " acting like a child

" She's our only hope and chance to save our world , cause she's the rumored one! So please! Stop acting like a kid and start act like a teenager! "

Author's Notes: Well Rina's a spoiled one hahaha What do you think about her? Anyways, Jungkook is awake already! Finally >.< Don't forget to comment and upvote :D I'll update again later hehehe <3

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