25 Rage

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I was about to pull the trigger when I heard someone called my name. I looked at the person and see his confused face. I don't even know why I whispered his name under my breaths.

My head started to hurt as I shook my head and focused. I was about to pull the trigger , but a shot was heard. It didn't came from my gun , but it was his gun. His shot.

I placed my right hand on my right side of my stomach and it was pooling from my blood , I was bleeding. He shot me , and it hurts. My mouth was gaped open as I felt the familiar pain again.

I looked at them and they were too shocked as well from what happened. Why were they shocked , though? Do they know me? Do I know them? Until my vision became black as I felt my weight crashed onto the ground.


We heard another gunshot , and we thought we'd lose Suga at that time , but we didn't. We were too shocked at what we have seen. We couldn't even believe that Jimin had done that to Hyerin , but we knew that nothing can stop her except for this sudden shot.

We saw Hyerin touched her wound , where she was shot as her mouth gaped open. We saw that she was in pain , and all of us was in pain , too. Just seeing her in pain makes us sick and sad at the same time.

Her eyes closed as her body crashed onto the ground. No one made it on time to catch her body so her whole body crashed on the ground.


The war has ended and we couldn't say that we won or lose either. We lost many of our men and we too killed many of their creatures , too. But we still don't know , cause they still might have more of them.

We saw Hyerin still laying on the bed, in the room where she was locked up before. But this time , it has a bed. She was treating and resting for now to gain her conscious.

" Why is she chained? " Jungkook asked

Namjoon turned to him and met with his eyes " She's not in her usual self " he stated

He saw that Jungkook's eyes dimmed and darkened " I know... " he muttered

" How's Suga? " Namjoon asked

Jungkook just exhaled " He's there, resting "

Namjoon just nodded , but his mind was still somewhere else. He was worried. Worried of Suga, Hyerin , the world and their enemy. He knew that everyone is also worried just like him , but he just stood up strong for his boys.


They were all in the training ground , training and exercising. When we saw one of our men running towards our direction , sweating and in a hurry.

" Sir! " he panted when he reached his destination " Kim Hyerin-ssi is already awake- "

We didn't let him finished his sentence as we all dashed towards her room. It took us less than 5 minutes to reach to her destination. We tried to get some air as we walked slowly until we heard a violent scream.

" Let me out! "

This was like before , when she came here in the first place. But this time , her scream was more louder , fierce and violent. Her scream was ear-piercing , like your ears will bleed any moment now.

We saw her from the big long glass window chained in her bed , rattling and shaking her body. She wasn't scared at all , she was angry. We have never seen this side of her , this wild side of her. She changed a lot indeed.

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