13 Your world is my world

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  " Ah Shit " I cursed like there's no tomorrow after I left the clinic , struggling and limping all the way to my locker. Hopefully , I didn't trip nor fall flatly on the floor. There weren't any people at all in the hallway , because they were all in their classrooms having some lecture while I was excused because of my sprain.

That dumb Taehyung , who literally left me alone in the clinic. Nevermind , I don't need his help anyways. They were just using me only , but how can I go home later without talking to them? I groaned , everything is such a mess again.

" Do you need help? "

I turn my head around " Oh , you're the girl "

She nodded and smiled " I'll help you " she took my arm and placed it on her shoulders " Repay time " she said

" Thank you " I awkwardly said

" I should say that to you " I stared at her for a long time , she has a long straight hair , a beautiful one. I don't know why but she looks fierce for me , but why is she bullied easily?

" Well I'm sorry that I yelled at you "

" Let's just forget about that " She's so adorably cute , like a lost puppy " I'm Im Jina , by the way " she introduced herself

" Kim Hyerin " I said

" You can call me Nana in short since my mother always calls me that " she explained

" Are you sure I can call you Nana? "

" Of course! " We finally reached to my locker and she just stood there like she was waiting for me , like a loyal dog indeed.

" You may go now , you know. Since my classroom is just there only , you might get late too "

She shook her head " It's okay , I'm just worried about you " is this what you call true friendship? This is my first time to have a true friendship if this ever go well. I let her stayed there since she wanted to and I have no choice about it.

Once I closed my locker I held onto my books tightly as she helped me again on my way to my classroom , I held onto the door and loked at her for the last time.

" Thanks again " I said

She nodded and said it was no problem , she was about to leave but I grabbed her wrist " I'll take your money back " it was a promise , so I have to accomplish it.

She smiled and nodded " Thank you " she simply said

Once I entered the class , all eyes were on me , the usual ones. And of course , the teacher's eyes widen at horror. She immediately went to my side and escorted me all the way to my seat , how embarrasing I thought.

" Aigoo , our poor Hyerin is hurt " she exclaimed , here goes her favoritism towards me again " Why didn't you took care of her well?! " she said it in a high pitched tone as she just shook her head vigorously.

" I'm fine already " I said

" If that's so , then I'm fine with it already "

A nudge came and it's obviously from Jimin. At first , I acted that I didn't felt his nudge , but a second one came so it was no use to just act it out.

" Don't talk to me , I'm not in the mood right now " I hissed

I wasn't really in the mood right now , especially when I remembered what Taehyung told me earlier when we were in the clinic. Instead of being sad again , anger had boiled inside of me.

" I was just- "


A loud bang was heard just inside the room , it was loud and clear enough to hear it. I just punched the desk and it was now dented , all the attention was on me again. Everything became quiet , I didn't even cared anymore. I slouched myself with my own arms and tried to hide my anger , I wanted to punch someone or break something just to release my anger , but what can I do? I'm in school , I can't do nothing about it.

" Are you alright , Hyerin? " our teacher asked , but I didn't talked. She didn't cared that I haven't responsed back to her since I'm her favorite student , so she just let me slouched there in my seat.

The chime or bell rang and all students rised up from their seat , I knew they were going to gossip about me , but who cares already? I felt a hand on my arm and I knew who it was , it was them.

" Let's talk " Namjoon said

I gritted my teeth " I have nothing to talk about it "

" Just look at me "

I rose up and faced them " Are you happy now?! " I can feel the blood that's rushing every part of my body " Are you having fun by using me?! "

" Us? " he pointed himself " Using you? " he scoffed

" Look at you with your silver eyes " he clicked his tongue " You know what , I'll show you something "

" Namjoon , you can't " Jin said

" Well , I have no choice " he said

" Hyung , stop " Jungkook pleased

" No " Namjoon carried me in one swift in his arms as he lead us to a abandoned place where it kind of looked familiar , it was the place I have been to before.

The wall was there , the pressence was still there. I knew that there's something strange about this place and it's about the wall , but where would it lead us to? He placed me down and faced the wall while the otehr boys were speechless. He knocked and it was the same pace and knockings , it can't be right?

He took my hand and everyone's hands , linked together. A bright light came , the same feeling. It felt like we were floating for a second , then were back again on the ground. I opened my eyes and we were in a different place , the atmosphere felt different , too. Everything was different , where were we?

" Where are we? " Everything here is dark and destroyed , I felt sad when I saw the places. Where did he brought us to? Where on earth are we?

" Where on earth are we? " I asked again

He chuckled " We're not on earth anymore " Namjoon said " We're on the other world "

Other world... So this is the other world , where we all belong. Why is it like this? It looks awfully destroyed by an ambush of people or monsters...

" Why is this like this... " It was a sad scenario " Why is it destroyed "

" Exactly " Namjoon sighed " It was like this since when we were 6 years old , we used to live here before it was ambushed and destroyed "

" Was I born here? " I asked

" Hopefully , Yes , I'm not sure " Namjoon said

" Why did you showed me this "

" To let you know , that were not using you for this world only , but for our sake's world also " he looked at me and placed his hands on my shoulders " If you would lend us a hand , then we could bring back the peace again " he said

After seeing this horrifying and saddening place , I knew it for myself that I wanted to bring back the old days , where everything was nice , clean , orderly and peace. This wasn't nice and rigth at all , this was horrible. I wanted to change it , I want to help them. Not just for this world , but for our world.

It's my world ,too. Whether I was born here or not , it's where my mother came from and I'm here to save it for all of us. Your world is my world.

" I'll help "

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