26 Tear

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Days were wasted that we couldn't still bring back her own self. Hopes were decreased , too. But that hope never died or faded , it was still there , in our hearts.

We were scared , too , at the same time. That we might couldn't accomplish what we want , it was frightful. Were we waiting for a dead end? We don't even know the answer. We want to know the answer , but knowing it might scare us.

" When will she realize herself? " Suga sighed

Namjoon clicked his tongue " Worry about yourself, first , if you're alright "

Suga just chuckled " I'm absolutely fine right now "

" I don't wanna say this but , what if she never comes back? " Jin said , talking about her.

It was true , though. What if she never comes back to her own self? What will happen to us , to her and to the world? Are we going to end up like this? Living in a world full of lies and hatred?

" She will , just trust her " Namjoon sighed " Just trust her "


" Just eat it "

She just looked away and stared at the other side of the wall , which was white. There was nothing fancy in this room exactly , so how is she still living upto this?

" Why can't you let me feed you at least? " Jungkook sighed

" Cause I don't want to eat " she said

" You're going to die here , if you don't eat "

she faced back " I'd rather die here now than you selfish people use me till I die "


The words still lingered in my mind , about what the boy has said to me. I knew that my parents hated me , but something is still confused in myself. What am I missing?

I wanted to get out of here , it was suffocating. I needed fresh air to breathe and to do my job. These thick metal chains were not a normal thick metal chains that you can just break it. It sucks your energy , so that you can't use your power or your abilities.

Every second , minutes and days that I was here , it was sucking my energy. There was a time that I wanted to die , but I remembered that I have a task to do.

My energy was weak , but there was still remaining power and energy in me. I haven't even eaten for the past few days already , just this IV fluid that was stucked in my skin. It was there when I came here already , it never leave out of my sight.

A boy came in sight holding a bowl , obviously the food. He never do give up , does he? He always came here to feed me , since I can't use my hands. It was definitely tight , not able to lift up my arms or hands.

I scoffed " Why don't you just give up ? "

" Cause that will never happen " he smiled as he lifted up the spoon in front of my face " Just eat , will you? "


" Did she ate? " Taehyung asked while all six of their eyes dropped on Jungkook.

" She did " Jungkook smiled " It was unbelievable , though "

" After for a few talk , she stared at the food then ate it. " Jungkook explained

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