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27 Realize

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I felt him grabbed my wrist and I was too quick to get the sharp glass shard that was too far from my reach , but with my new ability , I got it just on time to stab it in him. I saw him kneeled in front of me before he totally collapsed on the floor.

" Hyerin! Stop! " I heard one of them said

I faced to their direction as he talked again " Look at what you have done! "

" You hurt many people already! Are you happy with it?! Isn't it enough?! " Did I hurt many people already? , maybe I did. Was I happy doing this? , I don't know. Was it enough? , I don't know , too.

I saw the boy just beside me bleeding , but he was still conscious. Something ached in my heart, but I wasn't so sure of it what it was. What was this feeling? Why am I here? What happened to me?

I remembered all the the talk with Taehyung in the room where I was blind-folded , and I was glad that he talked about my parents in that way. I liked it.

It was such a warm feeling to my ears. I was glad that he was there to comfort me when we were in my old house , where my Dad was killed. He was there to save me from my sadness and now he's here again to save me from my evilness. How stupid and foolish I am.

I felt hot trickle of tears came out from my eyes as I got back to reality. Jungkook was there heaving deeply to catch some air. My body was literally shaking from fear. I kneeled down to his side and gasped at what I have done to him.

" Jungkook , I'm so sorry " I cried

He smiled as he heard my voice back again " I am so stupid " I said

" Don't be " he said as he reached out for my hand and held it tight

" The glass shard " he laughed " Remember? "

I nodded , remembering about the glass shard. How could I not remember that? He was there to bring me to the hospital before I drain all my blood out , but he insisted me to take me to the hospital. Because of this glass shard , we had our first long interaction.

I was smiling out of no where , just because of remembering the scene. But after for a few seconds , my smile faded. My brows furrowed as I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins , it wasn't over yet.

I crouched on the floor , clutching my head as I tried to stop myself. I need to stop this. I don't want this side of me , never. I heard foot steps rushing towards our direction.

" Stop! " still trying to remain calm " Don't come near me! " More tears coming out from my eyes , it hurts.




Those words lingered in my mind. I tried to stop myself from thinking those , but I wanted to kill , to see blood and to let them suffer. I stopped myself , I really am trying.

" Agh! " I yelped in pain as I reached out for the glass shard , now that was in my hand. My body turned to Jungkook and my mind was trying to tell me to kill him.

" No! " I screamed

" You can do it , focus " Jungkook said

I gripped on the glass shard so hard that I felt something dripping from my hand , blood. My own blood. The same painful feeling was felt. I threw the glass shard away from me as I stood up and rushed through the wall. A loud crash was heard and I was blinded by the sunlight. I knew that the other side of this wall would be the outside of the base since I had a sense of it.

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