16 Escape

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  " She's back " I heard them saying when I went back inside the classroom , I caught the girl rubbing her neck , where I choked her earlier in the locker.

I walked straightly to my seat and Jimin called my attention " What happened to that girl? She was crying earlier when she got here " he said

She cried? How lame " I didn't knew that she cried just for that "

" What did you do to her? " he asked

I glared at him " Now you're worried for her? "

He smirked " Our Hyerin is jealous~ " he showed his white teeth " Don't worry , we will continue our session later " he winked

I scoffed " What the hell , session your ass , Jimin " I rolled my eyes and turned in front when our homeroom adviser came inside , I saw her eyes went on me as the teacher just sighed.

" Kim Hyerin-ssi , may I talk to you in private? " I nodded and headed outside , hoping that it's not about the incident earlier.

The teacher closed the door that was just beside us and breathed some air " From what I have heard from her , you choked her and almost killed her , am I right? " I gulped , because I knew that it would be about this topic

I nodded " But that didn't happened on purpose , of course there's a reason in everything " It is true , that wouldn't just happened on the spot if she didn't mocked me.

" I understand , but please , don't do that... " she massaged her temples and looked at me again " Besides that , you have to pay for the desk " Right... About that... I broke my desk , so I need to pay for it to replace it in a new one.

I nodded " Is that it? " I asked

" Well you have to go to the detention room for your consequences , right? " she said

I sighed " I get it... "


Here I am in the detention room , sitting down in front of a desk full of papers need to be filled. Like literally , how can I fill this whole paper? It's so big , long and there's so many of it! I'm definitely out in here, I said to myself.

I looked at the monitor who's just staring at me , like she's guarding me for fuck sakes. I groaned silently and slouched , not knowing how to escape. Then a light bulb popped just beside my head , hoping that this would work. I know what I'm going to do is bad , but I really need to get out in here , like now.

I stared at her for while , making my forehead full of sweat as I concentrated on it more. I saw her arm plopped out from her side as she placed them on top of her desk and massaged her temples , her brows furrowed.

" Aish , I'm having a migrane , I guess " she said to herself as she stood up while all of the students that was in the detention room looked at her.

She looked at us and pointed her finger at us , more like she was pointing it to me " No one is leaving , alright? " she said , while we just nodded.

She left the room and I stood up. Of course , I'm going to escape. Like who wouldn't , right? Who would ever love to stay in this shitty place? , no one. I opened the window and good thing the detention room was only in the ground or first floor , so I wouldn't have to jump over a tree or something, it would be a suicide.

I stepped my leg out and finally got out , I stretched my arms and legs as I finally get out of the shitty place. I closed the window and was about to walk , but then I heard someone called my attention.

" Where are you going? " making my heart beats stopped. I slowly looked at my right side and saw her , the monitor. Shit was just going to happen , I said.


" Yah! KIM HYERIN-SSI! " She yelled

I ran as fast as I could , passing through the students as they looked at me weirdly. I didn't care for a while since I need to escape! I ain't got time for that!

Once I was about to stop running away from her since I can't see her anymore in sight , I accidentally bumped someone making me fall over to that person as well. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact , even though I know that I would end up on top of the person , but still , there's still that pain what you call.

" Ugh " I heard the person said

I opened my eyes and saw him with a pain expression " Jungkook! are you alright?! "

He fluttered his eyes open and smiled like always " Get off of me , first " Right , I was still on top of him , how embarrasing. When I stood up , I saw many people around the place looking at us from time to time. I knew that I would be gossiped again , here comes trouble again, I thought.

He positioned himself as he placed his elbow on the ground " Does your body hurts? " I asked him

He coughed , making me more worried " Honestly , my chest hurts from the impact " I bit my lower lip as I kneeled down , feeling bad and guilty about what happened just now.

" I'm sorry , I will bring you to the clinic " I offered him a hand , but he didn't take it " Come on , take it " I said

" No thanks " he rose himself as I helped him

" It's strange that you've gotten stronger " he said

" It's just a coincidence " I said

" It felt different "

" What are you talking about , come on , let's go home. " He nodded as I pulled him up from the ground and helped him all the way to the bus station.

" Why were you running earlier though? " he asked when we're in the bus , sitting.

" Let's just say I was being chased by the monitor earlier " I laughed just by imagining myself running around the school.

" Why and for what? "

" I was in the detention room earlier and I escaped , but got caught , so yeah " lazy to explain all the stuff , cause I'm tired from all the running. Imagine , I almost run the whole perimeter of the school and not to mention , the school is freaking huge and wide.

" Why were you brought to the detention room? "

I looked at him " You know what , you ask too many questions " he just laughed at me and patted my head like a dog , even though I am not a dog.

I didn't mind him at the moment as I shut my eyes and tried to sleep in the best comfortable way as I can , but I failed , of course. Half of me was in my dreamland , but the other half wasn't. I felt my head was being lifted and I felt more comfortable at my position right now , so the other half that wasn't in my dreamland went to my dreamland already.

I felt a slight pat on my shoulder and on my cheek , but I just shrugged it off. I felt someone shook my body and that made my eyes flutter open. I was still in the bus and thought I was in my own bed , but I wasn't. I lifted my head from his shoulder , wait , shoulder? I looked at him and he just flashed me with his smile.

" We're almost there " he said while I just rubbed my eyes , something fell of from my body and when I was about to pick it up , I stopped. Why was there a blazer on the floor? Did this thing came from my body? My mind was not functioning well right now , since I just woke up.

I saw the name tag pin on the blazer and it said ' Jeon Jungkook ' on the name tag pin in his school uniform blazer , it was his indeed. But why was it on top of my body? Did he placed it on top of me , so I wouldn't get cold? Anyways , I took it finally and gave it to him.

" Here , thank you "

He shook his head " Have it for a while , cause I know you still feel cold "

I was dumbfounded for a while , but I was brought back to my own senses when he took his blazer from me. I thought he changed his mind , but he placed it over my body.

" There " I looked at him and he did the same , he pinched my cheeks out of the blue

" Ah! " I placed my hand over my cheeks " That hurts " I glared at him

" I just can't resist it " he chuckled while I just kept on rubbing my cheeks , or should I say massaging them. " But I have one thing that I can't resist about "

" What do you mean- "

Our lips touched and my hands stopped from what I was doing as it fell slowly to my sides , my eyes was wide open. Did he just kissed me? Does this mean something after all?

Author's Notes: What can you say about it? Were you shocked , guys? hahahaha :D Jungkook did a move already , but this doesn't mean that Hyerin still likes him * smirks * What will the others do? in order to get/steal her heart hehehehe

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