49 Cell

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  I grasped my hair as I was seeing Taehyung lying down with blood on his chest. It's as if I was being stabbed in my chest , too. My heart ached so much that I couldn't breathe because of my sobs and cries.

I laid Taehyung on my lap and cupped both of his cheeks in my hands " Don't worry , I'll find a way , Taehyung " tears dropping on top of his cheeks and nose as he just stared at me.

I looked at the dagger , which was still on his chest as I looked back at Taehyung. I saw and heard Taehyung coughed up many blood coming from his mouth as I can see it with my own two eyes that he was struggling and... dying.

" Hyerin , It's time " his voice still managed to escape from his bloody mouth.

' It's time ' , those words pierced through my heart and chest many times. More tears came upto my eyes as it poured down like a river non-stop , my body shaking from fear , fear of losing him.

" No , not yet " his hand grasping into mine as he gripped it.

His eyes felt so sorrow yet calm as he was showing and signaling me as a sign of giving up ; he was tired and done. His grip on my hand , it felt like I was going to shatter into a broken pieces.

Taehyung shifted his face away to see his friends like it was his last moment on this world , last final glance to his friends. My eyes also followed his gaze and they were all busy fighting and sparring , not knowing that he's here struggling.

" Taehyung , don't do that " his actions as if he's really going to die.

Taehyung didn't budge or act like he didn't even hear me saying those words , as he shifed his head to the other side again. Once again , I followed his gaze but to find nothing and no one on the other side. I looked back at Taehyung and see him smiling slightly.

" She's here " his groggy voice said

I furrowed my brows " Who's here? " my voice shaking from fear.

" She's here to fetch me "

My eyes widened and looked at where he was staring or looking and to see nothing or no one again. Taehyung's breathing becoming more slower and slower when time passed by.

" No , No , No " My hand gripping onto his hand this time " You can't do this!, fight it! "

Right then , I felt a smack on my head as I dropped onto the ground , half conscious and half unconscious. My vision was becoming blurry and everything was a mess , my vision was a mess.

My feet was being dragged by someone or something as I felt being dragged away , dragged away from Taehyung. ' No , this can't be happening ', those words lingering through my head. For the one last strength that I still have , I pushed Taehyung with my ability into the farthest edge , to hide him and to spare him until blackness surrounded my vision.


I heard the banging of the metal and the shrieks of people screaming as I tried to gather my strength to gain back my consciousness. My head ached like crazy when I remembered being smacked on the head during the war. Speaking of the war , what happened? Where's everyone? Are they still alive and safe? But what I should question right now is , where the hell am I?

My eyes met me with a bar of metals , which I can see that I am locked in a cell , like a prisoner. Everything was dark , except for the dim light that was in the hallway. Another shriek came and was heard as I groggily stand up and dashed towards the bar , but then I faced flat onto the ground.

I hissed in pain and looked at my feet , they were chained to the bricked wall. I pulled the chain with my left arm with force , but it was too strong and thick. I even noticed that I felt even more drained than the last time , as if this room was sipping and draining all my energy and power. So unfortunately , my ability is quite useless ,since I'm draining a lot of energy already.

" Somebody help me! " A cry was heard

I crawled and reached not too far from the metal bars as I've heard a clank of chains , knowing that I've reached my limits " Who's there? " As I heard nothing came out from my mouth , my mouth too dry and sore.

I licked my lips and coughed to regain my voice back as I said , " Who's there? "

" Help me! " The man panicking and screaming as I heard someone opening his cell.

" No! , I don't want to! " The man screaming as I saw a shadown emerging from his cell , his voice fading out.

What are they going to do with him? Why are they doing this? Thinking about for the strategy of getting out , I laid down on my back and inhaled some air , even though the air wasn't fresh in here.

" Hyerin, " My name being called " Are you still doing fine there? "

" Jimin? " I whispered

" Yes , It's me " my chest slightly feeling relieved

" Gosh , Glad you're fine. Where are the others? " licking my lips as I've waited for his response

" They're not here with me , they were dragged out earlier "

My brow raising in suspicion " Dragged out? "

" As in dragged out , like the man a while ago " Jimin coughing after

" Jimin , are you alright? " Him coughing made me worried , since his voice was too deep and obviously tired.

" I'm fine , don't worry " he responsed quickly , which made me more worried.

Everything became silent when we heard someone coming again , our hearts beating like crazy. I rose up quietly , my legs wobbling because of my drained energy as I waited for it.

" It's time to have fun " Nana appearing in front of my cell as she opened my cell with the keys that she have in her hands and putting it back again behind her waist band once she was done opening my cell.

" Try doing something else and I'll aim and shoot it on your head " Waving her pistol in front of my eyes , throwing the small key in front of me as it landed on the floor.

" What are you waiting for? Unlock it " Her head bobbing towards the chains that was on my feet , as I got the small key and undo them all.

She pointed the pistol at me as my heart fastened its beating pace , thinking that she would pull the trigger. But then , her other hand pointed outside. I obediently followed Nana's order and went outside , seeing Jimin's cell was just next to mine.

" What are you doing outside the cell? " Jimin asking

" 'Cause it was her turn , idiot " Nana following outside , still pointing the pistol at me.

" What are you going to do with her?! " Jimin banging the metal bars , since his legs or feet weren't chained like mine did.

Gun shot was heard and my eyes widened when I saw Jimin fell onto the floor. I was shocked that Nana shot him in the leg , but good thing it was only in the leg portion , not the head.

" Why did you do that?! " grabbing Nana's collar and pushing her onto the wall , while a smack from the pistol was heard as I felt my right cheek becoming numb from the hit and force.

" Forgetting about this? " her pistol aiming at me again " You might want to die infront of your so-called boyfriend , do you? " having no choice but to just bite my lower lip and hold the frustration in as she pushed me with the point of the gun.

" Now move! "

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