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I ran and ran as fast as I could , escaping from my own house. I looked at my back if he was still chasing me , but I guess not anymore. I stopped walking  once I arrived at an abandoned street and leaned on the concrete wall due to the weakness and pain of my body , full of bruises . I don't know anymore whether I should cry and sulk here in the corner of the street or kill myself here already. 

I tugged my knees closer to my chest and hugged them and sighed " Why did you leave me? " I took out the necklace from my pocket that was still shining brightly. Its shape is like a crystal shape , but a metal or silver one. 

" Are you alright? " I turned my head and stood up immediately as I tugged my necklace inside my pocket and walked away quickly. 

" Wait! " The footsteps are coming closer and faster , praying that he would stop and decide to walk away from me.

I felt a warm hand grasped my wrist " Wait , you're hurt. I just wanted to help... " 

" Let go of me " but the person didn't listen at all.

I turned my head " I said let go of me , will you?! " The person looked shock as if the person saw something horrifying , if that's what you call them.

The person finally let go of my wrist  " Your eyes... "

(@/jpexotic , @/schaenel_12):

Author's Note: My 4th story! This story just came from my imagination and decided to share it with you guys , purely from my mind , okay? No plagiarism pls... I will update this story from time to time since I still have an ongoing story which is called " The Punishment " , you can check it out too if you want to. But I guess you should hehehe. Comment down and let me know if you can't wait for the new story upcoming and what was your reaction about it?

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