45 Moving on

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  " Is he going to be fine now? "

" He will " Chaerin unnie said , relieving all my worrries now " but I guess he lost his sanity , after what happened to Taegeuk " I nodded and understood what Chaerin unnie said , since it was true.

The blood was still there on my shirt , same to my hands as well. The blood on my shirt dried up , as it turned into dirty red. Jimin gave me one clean shirt when he saw me not yet changed into one of my clean shirt , since Taehyung got me so worried.

" He's fine now " looking at Taehyung who's now sleeping and resting to regain his conscious " You go clean up and rest , we could do the rest " All I can do was to nod and agree , since I've done my part and wanted some rest , too.

Changing into some clean cloth , I've leaned against the wall and sat down to rest , since there's no bed in the cottage except for a couch which Taehyung is occupying right now. Leaving no other choice than to sit and rest like that. Jimin sneaked beside me as our shoulders touched , leaning beside each other.

" How do you feel right now? " a sudden question that came from him

" Worried " I simply answered

" Worried about Taehyung? "

I nodded " That , too "

He raised a brow " So , there's other things that you're worried aside from Taehyung? "

" I'm worried if what can happen to the world if we didn't make it " thinking about our futures and life that's all going to waste and hell

" Then it would probably be hell on Earth " Hell on Earth? that doesn't sound good at all , just by hearing it.

" What's this? " he pulled out from my pants as it slipped out " This is... "

" Your family picture " looking at his facial expression , which changed differently in a whole new level

He looked at me " Where did you get this? "Jimin having no clues at all

" We were raided remember? " trying to explain all the details " Jin , Taehyung and I tried our best not to get killed by those creatures , so we found this house which was abandoned and stayed there for a while for our safety "

" And that house was mine " he finished it off , his eyes never leaving the picture that he's holding right now.

" I took it , just in case " watching every expression of him

He slowly bobbed his head up and down " I miss them " his thumb brushing against the picture , as if he can really touch both of his parents " If I could've done something in order to save them at that time " now reminiscing his past , about how his parents were killed.

" Jimin , don't blame yourself " placing my hand on his thigh " Don't " gaining his attention towards me as he nodded and sighed

" I won't " taking my hand which was on his thigh as we linked our hands.

I firmly held his hand tight and smiled " Keep it , you need it more than I do " as he listened to my words and kept the picture in his pocket with his other free hand , never separating our hands.

" Rest now " as he kissed my temple , clearing all my worries as of the moment.

" You've made the wrong choice , dear " as I was kneeling on the floor in her big room , her big dark room. I struggled to stand up , but I was stuck on the floor as if I was weighed down or something.

" I've never made the wrong choice " thinking that everything I've chose was the right path.

" I was giving you the biggest opportunity , but you denied it " her index finger tapping on her throne as her red lips pressed , waiting for my response.

A sudden pain was felt as I felt weak , putting all my weight on my hand. Gasping as I breathe slowly for air , seeing a sharp object passing through my stomach. A long sharp sword filled with red blood , as I know it came from my own blood. I coughed up blood as it sprung out of my throat to the floor , clearly seeing a puddle of blood right in front of my eyes.

" How does it feel? " her lips perking up

I still managed to scoff as I lifted my head slowly and looked into her eyes , her soul-less eyes " How are you still my mother? " not knowing that a tear managed to escape , feeling betrayed. Betrayed by my own mother.

" I hate you " those words escaping from my own mouth " I really hate you " my vision darkening as I felt numbness , too.

" Hyerin , wake up " I felt someone shaking my whole body as my eyes started to flutter , somehow relieving that it was just a dream. Feeling a little bit of hatred and anger until now , even though it's just a dream.

" Get up " Jimin taking both of my hands as he pulled me off of the floor , dusting immediately my pants. Everyone was staring at me , and it made me uncomfortable somehow as I don't know what's going on.

" What's going on- " then a crash was heard from the door.

" It's really them " Namjoon said , as we all picked up our things and our eyes immediately landed on Taehyung , who's still unconscious.

" I'll carry him " Jimin lifting Taehyung on his back as he nodded , alerting all of us to do our next move.

" Go upstairs , we'll figure it out somehow " when Namjoon finished his sentence , the door suddenly blast and we knew that we needed to hurry up. We all rushed towards the staircase as the rumble of the footsteps were heard.

" Go first! I can handle this! " shoving Suga upstairs as he floated when he was too stubborn to listen to my orders.

A small tiny little hand crept on my neck and it was about to bit my neck as I immediately threw it across the wall , and shoot it in the head with my gun. Blasting many creatures in the head whenever they came and jump at me as you can hear continuous gunshot.

" Hyerin! , are you coming or what? " Suga appearing again as he was on the mid-way of the staircase.

A crash was heard again as the so-called mannequin showed up " Shit , Hyerin! , you better come already! " just what he said , I came rushing towards the staircase , but was dragged down when I was on the first step on the staircase , my back in pain because of the impact of the stair to my back.

The mannequin tried to bite off my whole face as I struggled with its teeth , holding their mouth while trying to survive. Sooner or later , a gunshot was heard again , but it didn't come from my gun , it was Suga's.

The next thing I knew is that the mannequin that I've been struggling with earlier was no longer alive , it was lifeless already. It was sprawled on top of my body as it grossed me out , so I immediately threw it out of my sight.

" Well , you're somehow useful now , Suga " as he just rolled his eyes

" Stop with your chit-chat and move your ass now! There are more coming! " regaining my balance when Suga offered a hand as I gladly accepted his hand , pulling me towards the room where Jin and Hoseok are standing.

" Where's everybody? " not seeing them here in the room.

" To the window " Hoseok stepping outside the window as he jumped out of the window , not knowing where he went. I ran towards the window to see Hoseok standing on top of the thick branch that was just below the window.

A bang on the door was heard and we all knew that it was them. Jin came out of the window immediately as he landed safely on the branch , calling out our names. The door was about to break as I headed towards the door and tried to push it against them , stealing some time for us.

" Suga , go now! " he hesitated for a moment , but then , he nodded as he hopped out of the window.

I felt all the banging on the door as my body couldn't contain and control it anymore , even with my ability. If that's the case , they were too many indeed. I gulped as I count to three.

" 1 , 2 , 3! " dashing towards the window as I dived , not making it almost on the branch. I climbed down as fast as I can and immediately followed the others as they were a little ahead of me already. Looking at the back from time to time , to check if they're closing up again.

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