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  So this is where he have seen them , seen them killed in their own room. Everything was still a mess indeed. The wood, glass and the furniture , they are all broken and shattered. The blood , it dried up against the wooden walls and floors already. But the memories , they were still fresh , I guess.

How hard was it to all of them experiencing this kind of tragic. How did it felt like , when the world that you live in is already tearing apart? Did they ever hope and had faith in them? They believed the rumors , but do I believe on my own abilities that I can defeat them totally?

I heard a crack as I lifted my foot up. A picture frame was seen on the floor as I took it with my left arm. A picture of his family indeed. He was a little young in this picture , and how he smiled , it was pure happiness. I folded the picture as I put them in my pocket , keeping it safe there.

" Perhaps , We should go now " I said

" Your wounded " Jin said

" It's treated already , so I'm fine " as I looked at my right arm which was treated finely.

" If it gets darker , we're not safe here anymore " Taehyung said while we nodded

" We should look for them , too " Jin said talking about the other members and survivers

" Hyerin " Taehyung called " You can sense people , right? "

Right , I can sense people " Yeah , good idea "

" Can you sense them? " Taehyung asked

" if they're too far away, I can't totally sense them " I said based on my experience.

Jin sighed " Let's just hope that they're not too far away from us "

We got all what we need as we decided to leave this house. We know that there might be a creature still lurking around trying to get us killed , so we were cautious.

" Can you sense something? " Jin whispered

I tried to feel or sense it , but none. I felt nothing.

I shook my head " None "

" That's weird " Taehyung said " We roamed around every possible places that where they can hide " he said

I stopped " What if they're not here... What if they're in the other world? To the human world? "

" They could be " Jin said

We all both nodded at the same time " Let's hurry up before they catch us " Taehyung said


Before we have arrived to the wall , we've experienced another fight , but not that hard cause they were fewer unlike the last time we have fought them. I placed my hand on the wall and linked our hands with my free hand as I did the knockings. I missed this kind of feeling where you would be sucked in and be blinded by the white light for a second until you reach to the other world.

We felt out feets touched the concrete ground and we're here , back to the human world. Where people can be seen chatting , laughing and playing around , like nothing happened at all. It feels like you have just woken up from a bad dream , but the thing is , it's not even a dream. Not a pinch of it was a dream. It's all real.

Nothing happened at all here , it's just the same. You can see the place still arranged and fixed , like their usual place would look like. It's a relief that nothing bad happened here.

I couldn't even imagine what would happen if this human world turn upside down like in the other world? People will suffer and die in a hard way , plants will turn into brown instead of green , many fires would occur , buildings and houses would be destroyed ,the air would start to get polluted and dirty , and lastly , no freedom at all.

" How can we find them here? , there's too many people! " Jin yelled in the crowd

" Where the hell are we? " Taehyung yelled

Exactly , where the hell are we? There's too many people in here! We were crowded with hundreds of people in the place , we don't even know if they're here or not.

" I'll try! " I yelled this time

We tried to stick together , so that we wouldn't get separated from each other. Since it will add more problem to us if we get separated to each other. I also tried to focus myself from all the noise in the crowd to sense them , but it was useless, they're too many!

" I can't do it! " I hissed

" Try again! " Jin said

I shook my head " They're too many! "

" Let's go to our house! " Taehyung yelled for us to hear him " They might be there! "

" We don't even know where we are! " I said

" We can ask! " Jin said

So we did asked , and we were told that our designated place wasn't that far from here. We rode a bus and waited for a few miutes till we arrived. It felt surreal , that nothing was happening here in this human world. It feels so safe and peaceful here.

" This is it " I said as we stood in front of our gate. Long time no see , I guess.

Jin sighed " If they're not here , I don't know what we will do after then "

Taehyung grabbed the door knob and pushed the two big door as it squeaked. We both heard a click , then a gun shot came. I saw a bullet that was about to pierce through Taehyung's head , but I manage to stop it just on time.

It stopped just right in front of Taehyung's forehead and it was only 2 inch close before it hits Taehyung's forehead. I let the bullet dropped on the floor as it made a sharp sound.

I sighed and exhaled as I thought we were about to lose Taehyung from the bullet. It happened so fast that we didn't expect that to happen at all. We were shocked , honestly.

" Taehyung Oppa? " We saw Taegeuk dashed right into Taehyung as she hugged him so tight and cried. How pity of her to experience all of this.

" You guys made it out " Suga said

Jin scoffed " Of course we did "

" Oppa! " She rushed immediately to Jin and hugged him.

" I thought you guys didn't made it! " she pouted

Ugh , why was she here? I didn't mean that she should've died or whatever , but out of all the people that can be here , why her?! Why this spoiled little brat?!

" We're fine , Rina " Jin said

She looked at me " Oh , she survived , too "

" Rina " Namjoon muttered while she just rolled her eyes

I ignored Rina and saw Taegeuk staring at me. My eyes softened as I saw her gaze towards me , she was still scared. Oh when or how could I prove her that I am not that kind of a monster anymore?

" Oppa , why did you come with her? " Taegeuk said while tugging Taehyung's shirt " She's a monster , Oppa! "


I've been stabbed in the heart again and I couldn't help but to feel hurt. I felt that my hand turned into a fist , but I just smiled to Taehyung , letting him know that I'm fine with it. While Rina was just smiling and enjoying the scene.

" Taegeuk , let's not talk about this for a while , alright? " Taehyung said

" But- "

" No buts " he said

" Okay " she lowered her head

There was an awkward silence before Jin could speak up " So , what's with the gun? You nearly killed Taehyung with the gun "

Jungkook smiled softly " Sorry about that , it was me who did it "

Taehyung raised a brow " Why? , is there a problem? "

" There is " Jimin spoke

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