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1 Hello to everyday HELL

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" Hyerin! " I gulped and turned around 

" What is this?! " 

" Appa- " 

" No! " he put down his beer angrily as it made some smashing sounds " Can't you do anything better?! Why can't you just clean this fucking mess off?! " 

I stared at my feet down not looking at him , I was so scared of him and I can't do anything about it. I heard many yells and vulgar words , but I didn't dared to listen to any of those stuff. I felt him grasp and gripped my arm tightly as he pushed me to the wall. 

" Are you even listening?! " he said but I still remained silent 

" W-What " I looked at him , his eyes full of anger 

I felt hot adrenaline in my left cheek as he slapped me with his bare hand " I said , you clean up this mess already! " He left me in the living room , leaving me hurt as always. 

My life is a mess , it's a hell for me eversince I was a kid. It's just the two of us who lives in this house , not too big or too small. We weren't that wealthy nor poor , but he just keeps on spending his money on beers and any alcoholic beverages , maybe on girls too. Where's Mom? She passed away when she gave birth to me , I never had the chance to know what she looks like or how it was to feel when you have a Mom. She just left me with this necklace or a pendant , a metal or silver crystal shape that's hanging and shining brightly whenever it's hitted with the sunlight 

Eversince Mom passed away like that , Dad always blames me because of her death. That's how much he loved her and he says that I should've been dead not her. He always beats me up even if its just a small reason , sometimes without any reason at all. Why don't I call the police? Well first of all , he's the one who's paying for our bills and sometimes for our food. Second , where would I go if ever that happens? I don't want to go to the orphanage , especially when I'm at this age of 17. 

When I was a kid , dad used to pay for my enrollment fees , but as I grew older and reached highschool he stopped. So I have no choice to go work in a part time job , even though it's just a little and a tough one , at least I get to save for my enrollment fee and for my school requirements.

Once I cleaned up the mess that he was blabbering about , I went up to my room and fixed my things for my first day of school tomorrow. I sighed thinking about school , school has never been fun and excting at all for me. It will just add more problems in my life , but I still have to finish school. It's also like my break from the beatings from my dad , even though there are some stupid girls in our schools , you know what I mean.

I heard the door swinged open and I immediately stood frozen 

" Did you cook now ? " 

I nodded " It's in the refrigerator " then he closed the door hard , creating a bang. 

I sighed " When is he going to cook for himself " I whispered as I put some ointments on my bruises to get it heal and cleaned some of the wounds , decided just to wear jacket on top of my school uniform tomorrow , hoping that the school will allow it.


" Agassi "  I stopped walking and walked back where the monitor is 

" You're the new student right? The one who get expelled many times? " I sucked on my cheek and just nodded at the word expelled.

Yes , I've been expelled alot of school already because of my behavior before. When girls tried to bully or try to hurt me , I'll do more worse than that , but I won't go futher that causes death. I said to myself yesterday last night that I will change and not do those horrible stuff again since it's tiring to keep on transferring school. 

" You might want to take off your jacket , cause it's not allowed here in school " the monitor said 

" But it's cold so can't I? " I said 

He looked at the weather " It's summer " 

I made a fake cough " I'm sick and shivering to death " 

He sighed " Fine , go to the clinic also to have you check " I nodded and made a bow to the monitor.

The school is quite big and pretty from all the school I've been , I hope this school year will end pretty well for me. I went inside the school and looked for the big board to see what class I am in. I saw many people crowded in one place and so I headed to that place. When the place aren't crowded anymore , that's when I checked. 

" 6-D "  Why am I in the D? Am I really that bad to fit in the D?  According to all the schools , when you're in the A , then you're smart and good. As it get lowers , then that matches with your intelligence and personalities. I'm not that stupid in some IQ cause I always get ace in my exams , but I guess it mattered in my personalities? 

I walked in the hallway to tour myslef around the school but then I was called 

" Kim Hyerin-ssi? " I turned around and saw a lady wearing a formal attire like she's the principal , or maybe she is.

" Why didn't you come to my office and discuss since you're a new student? " 

I smiled lightly" I'm sorry " then we headed to her office and talked about the school. The school was quite strict about the rules, like for example the jacket issue earlier. You can't wear them until it's winter.

" Are we clear then? " 

I nodded " Then you may go to your class cause the class is about to start , the adviser will give you your schedules at the same time with your classmates " 

Once I got infront of the room , I opened the door and was faced with the adviser. She told me not to go in yet cause I have to introduce myself in front of the whole class , this wasn't a big deal to me since I've done it many times.

" You may come in now " I stepped inside and all of their eyes was set on me 

" Annyeonghaseyo , my name is Kim Hyerin and I'm 17 years old. Please take care of me well " I bowed and eyed the teacher 

" That's it? " she said , quitely shocked because my introduction was short 

She clasped her hands " Well then , you can sit beside him " She pointed 

I made my way beside him , but on my way , I saw one girl stuck out her leg to trip me and because of my fast eyesight and instinct I dodged it. I sat down in my chair and placed my bag to my side as I listened to the adviser.

" So you were expelled many times " I heard my seatmate said 

I sighed " Who told you? " He smirked and looked at the adviser. Of course , the adviser might have explained that they should be careful about me because of my past records.  

" and so , what if I'm expelled many times " I sarcastically said 

" Aren't you even going to ask my name? " he said out of the blue 

I furrowed my brows " Why would I? I'm not even interested on you " as I took out of my notebooks and pens , ready for the lectures and lessons 

He scoffed " Anyways , I'm Park Jimin "


.    .    .    .    .    .    .   .   .   .

Author's Note(@/jpexotic , @/schaenel_12) : How's the Chapter 1 , guys?  I told you guys that I will start with this new fic once I'm done with my 3rd fic , so far this is my 4th story already!  Omo , it's already my 4th already hahaha :D Please do support this story too :))) I'll update again later for the chapter 2 

I'm fangirling over Bangtan for now hahaha , Why are they so hot even though they're still rookies T^T

.   .   .

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