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  It was him , Jungkook , who sent this messages. I knew it was him , since my phone was with him when I lost my phone. They were many and it was all from him , Jungkook.

I know that he can use my phone since my phone doesn't have a password or anything , but why would he do this? I pressed on the first message and a text was shown.

First Message: This may sound crazy but , I really miss you. I worry you too much after you were kidnapped from us , too worried. Are you safe? I don't know neither... This place seemed to be quiet and sad all of a sudden after the raid , especially when all of us knew that you are gone. We miss you , come back...

Second Message: We tried to make a plan for us to save you , but we don't even know where you are hidden. We all felt hopeless for you , hopeless I'm telling you. If we could've been more faster , then maybe you are still here with us. I'm sorry for that , and we all are, Hyerin.

Third Message: I'm laying on my bed , thinking and reminiscing about how we met in the first place. We met at the rooftop , right? You seemed so much in pain when I held your arm , I didn't mean to hold it and I'm sorry. Second was when I saw you bleeding with a glass shard on your thigh. You are such a strong women , who endures and struggles a lot of problems in your life. It would be nice if you still have that in you , I want you to keep that in your mind and in your heart... I will always be your life saver , Hyerin , I will always be , no matter what happens. But there might be times that I wouldn't be there , so you should take care of yourself more , cause you're so clumsy and persistent.

I smiled at these messages that he made , as I didn't notice that tears were falling from my eyes already. They really got worried , especially him , Jungkook. I wiped my cheeks as I was about to read more , but someone knocked on my door.

I immediately fixed myself and hid my phone in my pocket " Yes, who's that? "

the door opened and his face popped out " Are you okay? "

I nodded " Yeah , why? I'm absolutely fine "

He sighed " Lier " as he stepped in and walked closer , leaving the door closed

I scoffed " I am not lying "

He rolled his eyes " And you cried "

" What?! No , I didn't! " I said

He sat on the bed and looked into my eyes " Then why are your eyes red? "

I gasped as my hands went upto my eyes " Is it? "

He laughed " Got you "

I slapped him on the arm " Aish , is it really red? "

He nodded " I'm not lying , unlike you "

I scoffed and rolled my eyes " Why are you here anyway , Taehyung "

He chuckled " Well , about that " his eyes wandered on the door

I raised my brow " What about that- " the door suddenly opened and it looks like that my shoulder sightly went up because of nervous.

" She wants to apologize " he said

She walked timidly and went in front of me , as she hugged me out of the blues " I'm really sorry , Unnie! " she cried out " I really am! "

" I'm sorry that I have said such bad stuff about you , unnie! " her head ducked under my arm

I gladly accepted her by hugging her back and placing my chin on top of her head as I smiled " It's okay , Taegeuk. As long as you apologize , I'm okay with it " I said

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