20 Little Girl

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  Yesterday was hell , especially when we were all in Jungkook's room. Where Rina was really fueled in flame and in anger , if that's what you call it. She didn't even believed what Namjoon have said about me , she said what he was saying wasn't true. She left the room immediately as she shook her head not believing what she have heard.

Of course , all of us were dumbfounded by her stupid actions , but we just shrugged it off while Namjoon just sighed. The weather here was breezy , not too cold and not too hot for me. Once I got out of the shower , I wore my black tank top and my grey sweatpants since I felt safe in these.

I went outside of my room and decided to go to the cafeteria or canteen , but to my luck , I don't know where it is. Or should I say , I don't even know how to get there. I worked on my legs as I started moving them and leading myself to some place I don't know.

I felt someone behind bumped into my legs and I heard a small thud. I turned around and saw a small kid , a girl. She was about to cry , but I crouched down to her eye level and asked if she's okay.

" Are you alright? "

She raised her head and looked at me " I'm alright... " she muttered in a low voice

" Can you stand up? " I asked

She shook her head " No , I'm tired from the running I did earlier " she said

" Then should I carry you? " asking first , because she might not like teh idea of someone carrying her , especially when I'm still a stranger to her. But she nodded anyways , so I carried her in my arms. Her tiny arms wrapped around my neck just to make sure of herself that she won't fall.

" Why were you running alone? " I said

She blinked her eyes many times knowing that she's getting sleepy already " I was looking for- "

" Taegeuk! " I heard a familiar voice behind

The little girl's head suddenly turned around as she call out the person's name " Taehyung Oppa! " Taehyung? Is that the guy I know? I stopped from my track and turned around , too. It was Taehyung indeed , Kim Taehyung.

He suddenly stopped running towards us when he reached us , breathing for air deeply. " Why did you ran away like that? " his eye brows crunched up.

" I'm sorry! I regretted it! " She pouted " I'll never do it again! " she raise her right hand as a sign of promise , pledge and oath , what a cute little kid.

" You better! Cause you're going to get lost again " Forgetting that I am still here , like hello~. They kept on talking and talking that they're forgetting that I'm still here , like in front of them.

She poked my cheek as I came back to reality and flinched at her touch " At least this girl saved my life " she poked my cheek non-stop , playing with my cheek rather.

" Oh " Taehyung mouthed

I rolled my eyes " So you're just going to say oh there and not thanking my ass for saving her? "

He chuckled " Thank you then "

" So is this your daughter? " joking him

" Why? You wanna call it our daughter then? " Nevermind , I take the joke back. The tease came back to me immediately when I joked him about it.

" Yah! "

" Just kidding , she's my sister as you can see " he said as he blinks his eyes vigorously

I looked at him with no expression " What are you doing? " finding him dumb there , standing in front of me blinking his eyes non-stop , as if he's doing a aegyo. I never saw him this kind of side before , he's weird , like literally werid.

" We look alike , don't we? " I looked at the little girl and at Taehyung , finding the little girl asleep already , silently sleeping beside the crook of my neck.

I hugged her softly " Nah , she's much more adorable than you "

" So you call me adorable then? " Aish , this boy , can he like just shut up for once?

" You're weird " I turned my back on him and moved my legs to get going

" Yah , where are you going? " he asked

Still working on my legs , not bothering to stop " To the cafeteria "

He chuckled silently , but I still heard him anyways " The cafeteria is this way , pabo " as I stopped and turn around , his face smiling from mouth to cheek. That was just one embarrasing thing that I have done , Hyerin pabo.

The cafeteria was noisy when we came inside , well they are usually noisy like this. I will get suspicious if the cafeteria is not noisy like the usual one , like there's something wrong. So I'll be glad if it's noisy like this everyday. Suga waved his hands like crazy as if he was dancing , telling us to go there.

We went to our seats and saw two trays that is not yet touched by the owners " That is your tray " Suga said as he pushed my tray towards me as they handed Taehyung's , too. I nudged Taehyung's leg when he's just beside me sitting , he was about to eat but I stopped him from doing that.

" What about her? " I looked at the little girl who's still sleeping comfortably on the crook my neck , still in the same position.

" You can lay her on my lap " I lay her on his lap and her legs on my lap since the chair was like a bench type , so anyone could lay down here and take a nap.

" You guys are acting like her parents " Hoseok said

I choked on my food when Hoseok said that , allowing me to gulp on my water. Hating Hoseok for saying that , wanting me to choke him in the neck later after I finish my food.

" Do we? " Taehyung said

" Yeah , with Taegeuk beside you guys " he muttered

I felt a arm around my shoulders and it was Taehyung's " Then that's great " he said while showing his white teeth.

I took off his arm that was on my shoulders " Hahaha , so funny "


I heard a knock on my door as I was just laying on my bed staring at the ceiling for doing nothing , digging up my past memories. I rose up and opened the door , shocked to see the guy whom I met in the meeting place standing in front of my door.

" We're going to train you , so get ready "

Good thing I was wearing my tank top and sweatpants , so it would be a lot easier to move and train with my shoes on. But how are they going to train me? is it physically or mentally? I'm nervous about this.

" I'm ready " I said

He nodded " Then follow me "

I followed him to the other elevator as we went down , looks like we're going to the basement or something.Once we got off , I saw a huge place looking like a stadium or what so ever you call them. Is this what you call the training ground , maybe ?

" You're going to train here " he said motioning me towards the entrance of the training ground

" Who's going to train me? " I asked

He hummed " Well that depends on what you're going to learn " he tapped on his chin and thinks " From what I have heard , you're going to learn how to sparring "

Sparring? Seriously , Sparring? Why on earth ( forgetting that we're not on earth ) are we going to learn sparring on the first day of training , is the person who's going to teach me wants to kill me and my body? Then the door finally opened , a man entering the training ground.

" Why are you here , Jimin? " shocked to see him here. " Are you going to train here? " I asked

He chuckled " What are you talking about , I'm your mentor "

Author's Notes: Hyerin's mentor/trainor is Jimin~ What do you guys think? :D I lied that I will update last night hahahaha ( what a lier , I know >.< ) I got tired suddenly that I slept in my bed , not knowing that I slept for many hours until the daylight came LOL :) I even dreamt that my Friends and I were trying to kill us by the people whom we don't know , weird and scary , right? :( ( My dreamcatcher didn't work at the time LOL )

I got the name of Taehyung's little sister from the interview hahahaha T^T he said that his future son and daughter's name will be Taekwon ( boy ) and Taegeuk ( girl ) , so I got it from there hahaha xD. Anyways , don't forget to upvote and comment about this chapter and how you felt while you were reading hehehe. :D I love you guys so muchhhhh , thank you for everythingggg <3

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