7 Alone

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" Oh , Hyerin-ah! " I turned my face and I saw Jimin running toward my direction , he flew his arms open and once he got closer to me he hung his arm around my shoulder.

" Yah! You almost choked me! " I said 

He chuckled " Yah , why are you chuckling " I asked him 

" I remembered your dance " he said 

My face turned into red like a tomato when he mentioned about the dance , I slapped his arm playfully " Why do you have to remind me that , Aish " I nudged his arm that was still on my shoulders , as it fell lifelessly.

" Yah , why did you do that " he pouted " You're lucky that this handsome man is still hanging with you " 

I rolled my eyes " Well no one told you to stick with me " I hurriedly walked and totally forgot about the incident that happened a while ago. The girls were glaring at me again , well I'm starting to get use to it since they always do that. The class was starting to get noisy since the classroom was starting to be filled with students already. Jungkook came inside the room and our eyes met , remembering what happened last night. I stood up when he sat down on his chair and just lazily sitting there , our eyes met again when I got closer to his seat. 

" I know what you saw last night " I started the conversation and once he was about to say something , I cut him off. " Please make it as a secret , just you and I ? " I whispered to him. 

He laughed " Of course , I will "

I put out my hand " Pinky Swear? " 

He put out his hand too " Pinky Swear " as we both made a pinky swear. I saw Jungkook's mouth open or gaped , like he was about to say something but the teacher came in , so we haven't had the time to talk again.

" Later " he mouthed as I just nodded 

I sat down on my seat and took out my science notebook , Jimin nudged me by the side. I sighed and thought to myself that what is it this time? Is he asking my help again for our homework that is due today or later? Sometimes , you can't even tell if he's a High School student or a Grade School student. He just acts like a kid and whines like a kid , he just annoys me sometimes.

I ruffled my hair " What is it this time? " 

" Calm down , girl~ " he took a pen and scribbled something in the paper as he passed it to me 

" Getting too close with Jungkook already? " - Jimin 

" Pabo , I was just asking him something " - Hyerin 

" What you're already asking him to be in a relationship with you? That soon? " - Jimin 

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