33 Hope

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  " Goodmorning "

" Goodmorning? " How awkward , I thought to myself

" Did you slept well? " he asked

" I did , I guess " I said , as I felt a small bump behind me.

2 small pretty eyes were right in front of me , Taegeuk , she was still sleepy and obviously still wants to sleep. She brought up those 2 small hands on her face as she rubbed her eyes.

" Goodmorning , Taegeuk " I mentioned as she just flinched and hide behind Jimin's body

I chuckled and just shook my head " Of course " I said to myself as I remembered that she was still scared of me

" Wow , she's scared of you " Rina said as she yawned " Serves you right " she muttered

Bit by bit , everyone started to wake up and gathered in the living room , as the rest started to sit on the carpet since there's no space in the couch anymore.

" So until when are we going to hide and stay here? " Rina spoke first

" Until we're not found " Namjoon said

" Morelike a suicidal way " I muttered

They all nodded " Yeah , eventually , we'll die here if we stay long " Hoseok said

Namjoon turns his gaze at me " Then what's your plan? "

" We can't hide forever " I said , as I stared him in the eyes " We need to fight back "

" We're outnumbered , Hyerin " he said

" You have me! " I stood up and looked them all in their eyes " You guys told me that I'm your only hope "

What happened to their fighting spirit? It just disappeared , I guess. They told me that I was their only hope for our world , but what happened to that? Why did it vanished?

Namjoon sighed " Look , don't lose hope guys " I cut him off before he could say anything " Not now , not yet "

If they were about to lose hope , well I'm not , not for me. I want them to stop doing this ,to set us free and to realize their own mistakes.

I sighed " If you guys are not going to hop on and join , I'm going by myself "

" Who said you're going by yourself? " Jungkook said as he smirked

Suga raised his hand " I'm in "

" Me , too " Jimin joined

" Count me in " Hoseok said

Taehyung and Jin walked in " Don't forget about us " One person left , Namjoon , as we all stared at him while he was thinking and having his hands crossed.

" I guess I have no choice , do I? " he smiled

We all have that smile for a second before we heard a knock on the door , good thing the door was locked. So no one can enter or barge inside. All of us stopped for a moment and had our fear faces on , or should I say , confused face , too.

My heart was thumping and pounding like crazy after we heard those knocks. I felt goosebumps when we heard another knock until it became a sound of a smack on a wooden door.

I gulped " No one's here! " Great , nice try , Suga

All of us literally face palmed on how dumb he was to say that no one's home! Our cover is now blown up , because of him. Thanks to him , all our efforts are now gone.

Jungkook sighed and got his pistol ready , ready to shoot and fire " You were always the bomb , seriously " he meant it to Suga as he walked towards the door.

Sweats started to pool over my forehead as we were all getting nervous , it was nerve-wrecking indeed. Once we heard the door unlocked , we got ready and eyed the door.

" Noona! " we heard Jungkook yelled

A figure of a girl came into our sight and she was bleeding " Oh no " I gasped as I hurriedly went over to her and examined her wound , how wounded she looked like.

Jungkook frowned " What happened to you , Noona?! "

" Chaerin Noona! , are you alright?! " Jimin said

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