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2 Passion

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" Okay! Have fun and enjoy your first day of lunch in school! " Our Math teacher said once we heard the bell ring as a sign of Lunch Time. I stood up and took my books as I tugged it to my chest , and headed to the locker area. Once I've reached my locker , I saw a post it on it. 

" Stay away from Jimin " 

I chuckled as I took out the post it and crumpled the paper as I threw it aside on the floor , not caring if I'm littering or breaking the school rules. I took out my needed books for my next subject and closed my locker as I turned around and saw Jimin in front of me.

" What do you want " I said 

He leaned on the locker and smiled " They're starting it already " he shook his head " Interesting " 

I scoffed " You're weird " I passed through him and headed to my classroom. 

Since I have nothing else to do , as if I have food to eat or have time to waste my money on food. I decided to chill at the rooftop , because it's quiet and breezy. I took off my jacket since the air is refreshing and you can't enjoy it that much when you're wearing a jacket as I placed my jacket on the floor . I leaned on the rails and the view was quite alright , not too much to fascinate about it. 

" Excuse me , but this is our place " 

" Then go find another one " I said , not looking at the person who I'm talking to. 

I heard him scoffed " Now it tells us why , why you always get expelled " I glared at him , not just him , but them. There were 7 of them , just boys. These boys are my classmates , but I haven't paid any attention to them at all.

" You know nothing about me " as I picked my jacket off from the floor and made a way out of this commotion , but one boy held my arm. I bit my tongue to ease the pain , because where he's holding right now is where my bruises are and how grips my arm was really tight. 

I shove his hand away and ran away immediately not giving him the chance to talk , whatever he was going to say. I looked at the mirror in the girls restroom to check my bruises , it got worse and darker than before. I guess more blood didn't circulated , because of his tight grasp. 

I checked my wrist watch and I still have more time , sometimes , I just wished that time would be quick so I could end this quickly  and end this miserable life that I have. I toured myself alone in this school , just to learn more about the school. I ended up somewhere in the school and no one was around this place , it's empty. It looks like it was abandoned , but the place was a little neat and organize. I would say that the place is big , I don't even know what was this place before. 

But there's something that caught my attention , the wall. On the farthest side of the place , there's a wall and a small table containing a vase and a flower in it that's about to wither and die. Out of all the places , why would there be a small table and vase? I walked closer to it , but then the bell rang , a sign to go back to your classrooms. Before I leave that place , I felt a presence like someone was there and watching me.

I ran faster knowing that I'm already late from my class , if I didn't just went to that far place... then I wouldn't be late from my class already. I opened the door and bowed to the teacher as I apologized for being late.

" Kim Hyerin , late for class in the first day of school? " 

I bowed " I'm sorry , I'll never do it again "  When I walked toward my seat , my eyes met with those 7 boys. I sat down and just listen to the lecture. 


I went to change my attire for my part time job after my school since I need to save more money from now on for emergency and for my needs too. I went inside the place or the so called bar and waited for a few minutes.

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