47 He or She?

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  " Who are you? "

It was definitely a human , but I can't tell. That person was wearing a dark black robe around its body , not knowing whether if it's a girl or a boy. He/She is smart , by hiding their own body.

I took a step back and prepared myself , since something was wrong and off. The person didn't budge and move at all , it was just standing in front of me. Creepy actually.

" I said , who are you?! " Demanding an answer from that person.

A sudden leapt came from that person as I hit my body against the tree , feeling an adrenaline rush of pain on my back. Its hand around my neck choked me as that person pushed me against the tree , wanting me to suffer from it.

I managed to throw her against to the furthest tree as it made a crashing and a thud sound , peeking to see who was it. I saw its body laying and limped , knowing that it was damaged already by its impact. My hand hovered on its hood which is connected to its robe as I bit my lower lip and uncover them.

" No , this can't be " I shook my head in disbelief as I shut my eyes closed.

I was about to check its vital and veins , when a hand grabbed my wrist. I pulled away my hand when the grip was too tight that I can't even pull away. My back was on the ground already as I was struggling from that person who was trying to kill me in every possible way.

I looked at the boulder which was just a few feet away from me as I decided to smash it onto that person. When I had the chance to run and inform the others , I sprinted in a full speed without hesitating and looking at my back. The forest was dark , really dark , as I tried my best not to bump and trip onto a rock.

Once I arrived at the right place and destination ; the place was still the same , nothing has happened at all. The same people were seen in the vicinity and area , still alive and breathing.

" What happened to you? " Jin noticing my sweats that are pooled over my forehead

" We should move , now! " alerting and waking up the others

" What's wrong , Hyerin? " Chaerin unnie walked closer to check out what was happening.

I panted for a few seconds before speaking again " We can't stay here " my eyes looking out for the place , if it's here already. Their eyes worried as they can't seem to fathom the situation yet.

" Hyerin- "

In a split second , I pushed Jin and Chaerin unnie out of the way. A knife was now stuck into its tree's trunk , shining against the moonlight. If I haven't pushed down Jin and especially Chaerin unnie , she could've been instantly dead by now. A knife straight to her head ; a bull's eye indeed.

" What was that? " Jimin's groggy voice was heard from behind.

" Jimin , take Taehyung " Namjoon finally climbing down from the tree.

Jimin quickly obeyed to Namjoon's order as he swiftly carried the still-unconscious Taehyung on his back ,now waiting for the next order. The others were still packing
their stuff , while the others were on alert.

" Missed me? " Our heads whipped towards on that person as we gulped down our own salivas. " I know you did " the knife swirveling around her index finger , playing with it actually.

" Rina , " Namjoon lost in his words as he can't find the right word to express it at the moment " How did you escape? " That's not the question right now actually , it's how do you feel right now , Rina.

She stopped swirveling the knife around her index finger as she pointed it to her lower lip and thought about it for a while , as if she was thinking the right word for her answer. She snapped her fingers like she got an idea as she pointed the knife to us , not sure if she's starting her move already.

" I remembered " her white teeth showing and shining against the moonlight " I actually didn't escape " her giggles engulfing the silence as she giggled again like a crazy woman.

" She's not herself anymore " I murmured , earning their attentions.

This must have been me , That might have beem me when my emotions were shut off. It was such an absurd scene and action ; what she's doing right now. I can't believe I acted like such a monster and a terrible human being , even though I don't know if you still call me as a human being.

With my emotions turned off and having this scary ability was like a terrible and a horrible thing that you would ever see ; a total disaster , if that's what you would call it. It was such a monstrous thing that you could've ever imagined of!

" This is insane " massaging my temples as it remembered me of myself.

" Hyerin , don't be affected " Jin placing a hand on top of my shoulder , trying to comfort me. " This isn't about you , it's about her this time. " Jin reminding me about what's happening right now in our situation.

" Aw , remembering the old times? " Rina pouting , her arms crossed right now " Don't I remind you of yourself in your past? " as she was trying to mock and irritate me in an very unmannerly way.

" Oh , Right , " her index finger raised " Because of that , you even discovered and improved your ability! " applausing her hands towards me as she smiled and nodded at the same time.

" You should thank your Mom "

My expression suddenly became dull and dark , while her face was actually pleased by it. Why should she mention about it , it wasn't such a pleasant thing to hear. My ears aren't pleased by it , absolutely not.

" Hyerin... " Namjoon called

" Your Mom loves you so much that she even- " I lunged out in front of her as she almost stabbed me in my heart with the knife , but I threw it to the sides.

" Hyerin! " Many people called out as they wanted to barge in to help , but I told them not to help and barge in. Namjoon tried to barge in , but he couldn't , as if there was an invincible barrier right in front of them.

" Hyerin , you can't do this to us! " Namjoon still trying by pushing it against his shoulder " Hyerin! " But unfortunately , I didn't mind any of them screaming and calling for my name.

I pinned both of her arms down with my ability as I searched her body and every available pockets there are , but I didn't find it. She was still trying to move her arms , and of course , she couldn't.

" It's not here! " Panic starting to arose up

" What are you doing , Hyerin? " Suga asked , both of his hands laid on the invincible barrier that I made. Later on , he fell straight to the ground , his face planted on the ground as he rubbed his whole face due to the impact of the fall.

" How nice of you , Hyerin " his face red and full of dead leaves , while I ignored him and continued looking for it.

I crossed my arm and thought about it for a while. I tried to lift her head up to look for it under , but it wasn't there , of course. I even took off her shoes to look for it , but it wasn't there either.

" It's not here , too " sweats trickling down to my cheeks while Rina giggled and just watched the fantastic view that she was seeing , actually enjoying it.

" Where is it?! "

She giggled once again " The what "

" The crystal necklace or simply the crystal! " my eyes fuming in anger and in irritation. " It's nowhere on your body! " Even though it should normally be on her neck , since it was there the last time I've been in her shoes or situation.

" Think about it " her eyes wondering the area.

" For fuck sake! , just tell me where it is! " the wind gushed as it blew the whole leaves apart from me , making the others flinch from what they have seen.

" Fine , " as she rolled her eyes " I'll tell you one hint "

" It's not on the outer- "

" Rina " shocked at what I was seeing , that she was choking out of the blues.

" Hyerin , what are you doing to her! "

" I'm not doing anything to her , Suga! " kneeling beside her , her face turning pale. " What's happening to her! " releasing her arms , so that she could at least do something for herself.

Rina's hands went upto her neck and struggled for air , but all she could do was to suffer , since we can't do anything for her , too. It was painful to watch her struggle , when you know you couldn't do anything for her.

" Rina , " patting her side " What's happening "

" Help " she choked , her tears rolling down " Help me " her arms stretched out for my hand , but it relentlessly fell , failing to reach my hand. She was gone. In the end , she have failed to reach my hand.

" She's gone "

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