Silver Crescent (BTS)

Silver Crescent (BTS)

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A work of @/jpexotic and her co-author @/schaenel_12 (An author in


A girl with a broken family , broken life. Who thinks nothing , except for suicide and death. She wants to die , end this miserable life which has nothing to do with her anymore. But what is this one thing that changed her mind not to waste her life? and Why? What are her reasons?

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GoldenKookieBiscuit GoldenKookieBiscuit Dec 18, 2017
Its always like that boiii
                              I never even ever introduce myself in front of the class 😂
--jeongguk --jeongguk Aug 06, 2016
Lmao ok I'll still let you tell me your name even though I don't really care.... :') I feel this girl, I'm that kind of cold person <3 :)
I was seriously listening to danger by bts and it was jimins part
jhobihobihobi jhobihobihobi Jan 15, 2017
the girl sounds a bit like me... she wants to end her life by commiting suicide.